Star Wars Rebels: Season One

Walt Disney Records 09/16/2016 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Rebels Theme0:54
2.Speederbike Chase1:11
3.Ezra Sneaks Aboard1:05
4.TIE Fighter Pursuit3:13
5.Ezra's Theme2:43
6.Ezra Meets the Team2:40
7.Team Steals a Walker1:41
10.It's a Trap!1:54
11.Commander Mehluran1:32
12.Storm the Ship1:11
13.The Inquisitor0:34
15.Passed the Test1:36
16.Familiar Pilot0:35
17.All for Fruit2:05
18.Enter the Inquisitor1:53
19.Lando and the Rebels1:06
20.Sabine's Chase1:38
21.Glory of the Empire1:48
22.Imperial Inquisition2:09
24.Hera and Ezra Talk1:10
25.Kanan at the Gate2:26
26.Yoda's Guidance1:10
27.Inquisitor Duel2:31
28.What's the Force1:58
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