Pokémon The Movie 6 - Wishing Star of the Seven Nights
Jirachi Music Collection

Pikachu Records 07/25/2003 CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
2.Polka O Dolka (Movie Size)1:26
3.A Rescue!?0:23
4.Secret Base ~Team Rocket's Theme~0:35
7.Polka O Dolka Medley2:00
8.The Great Escape0:43
10.. The Great Escape 20:59
11.It's the Start of an Adventure!!3:37
12.Avant ~ Pokémon World1:19
13.Avant ~ Groudon's Theme0:54
14.Avant ~ Ash and His Friends0:43
15.Pokémon the Movie 2003 Title Theme0:27
16.Advance Adventure ~The Travels Continue~0:51
17.Traveling Carnival3:17
18.Magic Show0:55
19.Max's Feelings0:53
20.Amusement Park1:05
21.Millenium Comet0:53
22.Jirachi's Birth1:16
23.Jirachi • Power0:51
24.Max and Jirachi1:29
26.Diane's Feelings1:04
27.Advance Adventure ~To Forina!~1:27
28.Max's Feelings1:02
30.Butler's Theme2:43
31.Jirachi Rescue!2:00
32.Flygon Appeared!1:16
33.Last Battle!3:14
34.A Small Thing ~Lullaby~2:15
35.A Small ThingAsuca Hayashi5:32
36.Advance Adventure (Acoustic Version)GARDEN2:47
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