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Movie Film release: 2016

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# Track   Duration
1.Emper Intro2:30
2.Zhang and Bu1:22
3.Liu Awake1:56
4.Drunken Bu1:06
5.In out Doesn't Matter2:28
6.Mercury Flow1:11
7.An Afterlife0:38
8.The River Did It1:14
9.Bu and Liu3:57
10.Clay Men1:54
11.Emper Theme1:06
12.Liu's End2:50
13.Mercury Run0:41
14.It's an Option0:47
15.Liu's Funeral3:26
16.Sounds of Memories1:28
17.They Leave When They Need To0:45
18.Zhang Leap0:47
19.Bu Can't Read2:20
20.Let Me Make You a Drink0:51
21.I Was Just Looking for You2:47
22.Bu Is Cooking1:26
23.Emper Vision2:58
24.He Doesn't Sound Sad nor Happy0:51
25.Emper's Wife1:35
26.The Mountain2:06
27.Your Mountain Remains Mine0:46
28.Memories Reservoir0:50
29.Are You Sad Emper1:12
30.Bu Is Drunk Again1:14
31.Rabbit Prophecy0:48
32.Emper Night Theme1:27
33.You Never Blink3:27
34.Quick Silver0:41
35.Bu and Zhang Final Waltz3:52
36.Reborn Emper4:22
37.Emper's Eyes3:44
38.All Right0:40
39.The Messenger0:48
40.Emper's End3:41
41.Into the Future Finale3:02
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