Ways to Live Forever

Movie | Release date: 06/21/2011 | Film release: 2010 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.The Idea for the Book 1:40
2.Works of Art 0:58
3.Some Information 2:46
4.Mom & Dad 1:49
5.Annie Dracula 1:40
6.Worms 1:06
7.Questions 2:03
8.Kayleigh 1:22
9.Ghosts 3:27
10.Ouija Board 2:39
11.Perfect 2:30
12.Best Things in the World 2:02
13.Strange Dreams 4:26
14.Even Better 1:09
15.Don't Ask Questions 1:21
16.Pictures 2:34
17.When I Was Gone 2:11
18.It's Not Fair 5:09
19.Tones of Cards 2:25
20.Remember Forever 6:10
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Ways to Live Forever - 07/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at

Again we have to give thanks to Swedish based soundtrack label, Movie Score Media for releasing another wonderful example of 21st century film music and also for once again introducing us to a composer that maybe would have remained unknown to collectors. WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER is a sad but also an inspiring tale about a young boy who is diagnosed with leukaemia, but rather than becoming sad and depressed he decides that he wants to find out more about how he will die ,he writes a book which is his diary, but at the same time it is also scientific research in which he records his comments and feelings and also compiles a listing of things to do before dying. Composer Cesar Benito, has created an intimate, emotional but also a quirky and at times comedic and lively sounding work for the movie, his compositions match perfectly the personality and emotions of the young boy, highlighting the peaks and underlining the lows that he experiences. The composer combines the conventional sounds of the symphony orchestra and fuses these with an imaginative electronic sound design, plus he scatters the work with instrumentation such as Bouzouki, Accordion, Bodhran and ethnic sounding percussion. All of these components not only compliment one another but also support and enhance each other along the way, creating a sound that is original and a score that is heartening, inspirational, haunting and poignant. In a world filled with so many unmelodic and at times un-listenable film scores, for big budget movies, WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER is an enriching and gratifying listening experience that is brimming with strong and vibrant themes and overflowing with an abundance of musical colours and tones that are rich and complete. The composers use of solo piano throughout is wonderful and it is Benito himself who performs these solo’s. I think the most expressive and extensive example of this can be heard in track number 20, REMEMBER FOREVER which is the final cue and the longest running track on the compact disc, it is an overture of sorts where we can hear many of the themes included within the score performed by the composer. Piano plays a major part in the scores make up as it is the piano that acquaints us with the soundtracks central theme and then takes it on through the work developing it further and creating a greater depth, atmosphere and poignancy to it. As a whole this is an appealing and totally charming and captivating score and one which I recommend without question.

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