Forces of Nature / The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Movie | Released: 2003 | Film release: 1999 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
Forces of Nature (1999)
1.Forces Of Nature2:00
2.Bridget Appears0:34
3.Nyc Cab Ride0:59
4.Airport Encounter1:13
5.Flight Cancellations1:04
6.Ben's Laptop0:34
7.Sarah's Maths Interrupted0:36
8.Off The Train1:32
9.Hailstorm / The Bus Station1:04
10.K-Mart Pastime2:32
11.Laundromat Rest0:39
12.The Thief0:37
13.Another Bus To Miami1:00
14.Two New Passengers0:31
15.Sarah's Story0:42
16.Re-Animation Attempt0:54
17.Bathing Beauty0:48
18.Ben Falls For Sarah0:26
19.Cash-O-Gram Kiss1:26
20.Convertible Drive0:55
21.Weather Montage1:12
22.Weather Montage #21:13
23.Carl Leaves / Sarah Weeps1:41
24.Hurricane Approach0:25
25.Hurricane Approach #20:24
26.Struck By Lightning1:24
27.Struck By Lightning #21:02
28.Sarah & Ben's Farewell1:26
29.Bridget On The Balcony / Conclusion4:15
The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)
32.Main Title2:41
33.The Introduction Of Bruno1:32
34.Chasing The Assassin2:49
35.Benny's Bar Shootout1:31
36.Body Type Selection1:31
37.Interrogating Mona1:22
38.Hotel Escape2:58
39.Ma's News / The Moon Dome Is Targeted1:52
40.Lunar Shootout And Chase / Rill Hipping6:15
41.Out Of Air2:35
42.Nash's First Autograph1:25
43.To The Elevator Shaft0:58
44.Meeting Rex Crater3:33
45.Final Confrontation5:35
Bonus Tracks
46.Just Visiting1:53
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