White Lion

MovieScore Media (0700261325637)
Movie | Release date: 04/26/2011 | Film release: 2010 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.In the Beginning 1:09
2.Playing Cubs 2:12
3.Hyena Attacks 1:42
4.Gisani's Theme 3:40
5.Chicken Hok and the Porcupine 2:03
6.Crocodile Attacks 0:54
7.Mother 1:04
8.Mohahlwa 1:17
9.Dance of the Wildebeast 1:47
10.Friends 1:41
11.Manhood 1:46
12.Fire 1:43
13.After the Fire 1:26
14.The Shooting 3:34
15.Adult Letsatsi 1:25
16.Hunting Success 2:20
17.Loss 1:00
18.Over the Neck 1:18
19.The Last Fight 4:52
20.Finale 2:20
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White Lion - 07/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at

I am not familiar with this composers work, but the soundtrack was on MSM so I thought it must be good. The compact disc opens with IN THE BEGINNING, this is a brief but powerful opening theme, which is performed by strings, brass with supporting percussion and African voices which are further embellished by the use of harp and understated woods. It makes a perfect introduction to the score and is an appetizer for what is to follow. In my opinion Miller has created a soundtrack that is haunting, emotive and also powerfully melodic. His use of delicately placed woods throughout the score certainly puts you in mind of the work of the late John Barry and Miller also creates some more Barry-esque infused moments when he introduces proud and expansive sounding brass to the equation and employs to great effect faraway sounding horns at times. All these elements and also the composers use of a stirring and highly emotive core theme add up to a score that has many qualities all of which are attractive, endearing and at certain moments mesmerizing. This is an appealing and rewarding listen and one that I am sure will spend more of its time in the CD player than in the jewel case. The composer also makes effective use of pizzicato strings, which again are employed in a similar fashion to that of John Barry in BORN FREE for example and these are effective both as a playful sounding background and as a more threatening entity. He also includes a handful of African ethnic instruments and these when combined with the more traditional instrumentation of the orchestra gel well to create effective and memorable passages. For me Miller has maybe approached this project in a slightly retro fashion, by this I mean he has scored the project in a similar way to how movies were scored during the 1960,s through to the late eighties, when themes were an important and vital part of the film scoring process. WHITE LION is a melodic and tuneful work, which relies on a central theme as its foundation and the composer has built on this already strong base and created a score that will be revered and respected.

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