The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Promo Score (004963000641)
Game soundtrack | Released: 2008 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.AH Approach mix3:27
2.AH Combat Ring mix4:05
3.AH Fade0:03
4.AH Inside3:58
5.AH Outside Act4:25
6.AH Outside Qui4:16
7.AH Stone Table mix4:24
8.AOC Battlements mix3:59
9.AOC Courtyard mix4:21
10.AOC Courtyard Waltz mix4:25
11.AOC Stables Act4:28
12.AOC Stables Qui4:28
13.AOC Terraces mix4:17
14.Assault on Castle bonus2:54
16.BOB Cistern mix4:05
17.BOB Defeat Greg mix2:10
18.BOB Fade0:03
19.BOB Final Battle mix3:48
20.BOB Secret Plan mix4:29
21.BOB Surprise Attack mix4:04
22.BOB Telmarine Retreat mix4:05
23.Castle Infiltration bonus2:34
24.CP Battlefield mix5:04
25.CP Battlements mix4:39
26.CP Beach Overlook mix4:00
27.CP Courtyard mix4:25
28.CP Final Battle mix3:58
29.CP M1 Boat Sink 10:13
30.CP M1 Boat Sink 20:13
# Track   Duration
1.CP Throne Room act4:14
2.CP Throne Room qui4:06
3.CPR Cavern act3:59
4.CPR Cavern qui4:27
5.CPR Cove mix4:18
6.CPR Cove qui3:03
7.CPR Fade0:03
8.CPR Ruins mix4:12
9.CPR Treasure Room mix4:15
10.CPR Woods act4:12
11.CPR Woods qui4:18
12.DCP Fade0:04
13.Defend Cair Pannel bonus3:12
14.Disney Logo0:05
15.Game Credits5:01
16.Level Select3:51
17.MC Castle Walls qui3:54
18.MC Dungeons act4:15
19.MC Dungeons qui4:07
20.MC Fade0:03
# Track   Duration
1.MC Hallways mix4:18
2.MC Rooftops mix4:06
3.MC Tower mix3:59
4.MC Turrets mix4:12
5.MC Walls mix4:29
6.PC bonus movie 11:01
7.PC bonus movie 20:14
8.PC bonus movie 31:04
9.PC bonus movie 40:16
10.PC bonus movie 50:47
11.PC bonus movie 60:17
12.PC bonus movie 70:28
13.PC bonus movie 80:36
14.PC bonus movie 90:51
15.PC bonus movie 100:10
16.PC bonus movie 110:19
17.PC bonus movie 120:34
19.TT Logo0:09
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