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KOEI Original BGM Collection vol. 13
Winning Post / Winning Post 2

Game soundtrack | Release date: 03/25/1995 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
Winning Post by Youichi Yamazaki
3.Title Screen1:17
4.Stable Scene1:39
5.Pasture Scene1:56
6.Racetrack Scene1:38
7.Horse Owner Visitation Scene0:43
8.Pre Race Presentations1:49
9.End of the Month1:05
10.Pony Birth1:17
11.A Poor Prognosis1:23
12.Post Race Ceremony1:12
13.Retirement Ceremony1:03
14.Awards Ceremony ~ Ending1:45
Winning Post 2 by Yukihide Takekawa, Youichi Yamazaki, Takao Konishi & Seishiro Kusunose
17.Office: Normal Week1:31
18.Office: G1 Exhibition Week1:16
19.Race Track: G1 Race1:32
20.Race Track: Big Prize Race1:23
21.Race Track: General Race1:30
22.Race Track: Overseas Race1:30
23.Race Track: Entering Ones Own Horses1:19
24.Fanfare: Kanto G1 Race0:18
25.Fanfare: Kansai G1 Race0:18
26.Fanfare: Kanto Big Prize Race0:18
27.Fanfare: Kansai Big Prize Race0:19
28.Fanfare: Special Race0:22
29.Fanfare: General Race0:14
30.Fanfare: Overseas Race: Europe0:21
31.Fanfare: Overseas Race: America0:18
32.Pony Birth 11:18
33.Pony Birth 22:13
34.Pre Race Presentations2:13
35.Post Race Ceremony0:58
36.A Poor Prognosis1:38
37.Trainer Visit2:22
38.Auction Market1:27
39.End of the Year1:18
40.A Good Event1:19
41.A Bad Event1:18
42.Ending 12:17
43.Ending 21:46
44.Ending 32:23
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