GonChungWangGuk 3D(The Parasite)

Movie | Release date: 08/20/2014 | Format: Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Great Instinct2:52
2.Flying Cicada Ver. 010:38
3.The Winter Is Gone2:41
4.Oh! Cutty Bebe2:33
5.Turn Over A New Leaf1:46
6.Complete Transformation1:10
7.Spider'S Tango1:58
9.Busy Day's1:53
10.Rice Weevil1:23
11.Cheer Up Dung Beetles1:18
12.Beautiful Day2:59
13.Help Together1:22
14.The Parasite2:06
15.Flying Cicada Ver. 021:24
16.At A Fork In The RoadJoEunSeonYul1:28
17.Break OutJoo Young Kim1:11
18.YamChe PaRi A Selfish FlyJoEunSeonYul1:45
19.MulJangGunGwa GaeGuRi Giant Water Bug & FrogYuJaeGyeong1:19
20.MulJangGun WalCheu Giant Water Bug'S WaltzYuJaeGyeong1:48
21.BeolDeulUi JeonJaeng, Pt. 1 Bees War 01YuJaeGyeong4:23
22.BeolDeulUi JeonJaeng, Pt. 2 Bees War 02YuJaeGyeong5:04
23.Love Love Love1:35
24.AeBeolRe DolBoNeun BeolDeul Bees Take Care Of LarvaYuJaeGyeong0:56
25.Ant's Action1:53
26.BeolDeulUi SeulPeunTeMa Bees Sad ThemeYuJaeGyeong1:03
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