High Road to China

BSX Records (0712187488648)
Movie | Release date: 01/09/2010 | Film release: 1983 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 1500 copies

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Main Title - A Nasty Headache2:10
2.The Flying Lesson1:17
3.Look Out Charlie! - A Hurried Exit2:10
4.Onto Waziri - Khan1:27
5.Escape from Waziri - Eve & Strute1:27
6.On to India - Arrival in Katmandu - Souls Approaches4:25
7.The Dogfight - Journey to China - Any more Surprises - The General's Canon6:11
8.You'll Get Your Money - One Eye Open3:06
9.Raid on Chang's Camp - Finale & End Titles7:20
Source Music
10.Mohamet's Dance John Barry1:43
11.Waziri Rource John Barry2:57
12.Salon Source Al Woodbury0:46
13.CharlestonJimm Jonson and Cecile Mack1:27
14.Love Me Tender Al Woodbury3:55
15.When The Saints Come Marching In Al Woodbury2:14
16.Jeanie Al Woodbury2:23
17.Mill Stream Al Woodbury2:29
18.Revelry Al Woodbury2:12
19.Swinging at the Riverside Al Woodbury1:49
20.Allemande from French Suite No 5 in G Major J S Bach3:30
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High Road to China - 06/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
I've always rather liked Barry's High Road to China; I admit that it's not the greatest Barry score ever written, but it is one of his most wholesomely enjoyable. It has a adventurous spirit that even his Bond scores don't really have, but also has that romantic edge that Barry is always so good at conjuring up. It seems that after Tom Sellick lost out to Harrison Ford for Indy Jones, he wanted to be in a film with a similar feeling, but evidently this was not the film to bolster his film career. Of course, if John Barry is scoring the picture and it's not Bond or something dreadfully deep and meaningful then it's probably something of a turkey.
The main theme is introduced in the Main Title and has faint echoes of Out of Africa, being much more of a cerebral theme than might be expected. During the more exciting flying sequences, Barry introduces a suitably energetic motif that illuninates any part of the score it appears. Barry always seems somewhat disinclined to feature any kind of ethnic suggestion in his scores and the same is the case here. Despite the various locales, Barry remains Barry and sticks to providing the dramatic narrative rather than setting the place and allowing the period songs to set the time.

There are quite a few versions of High Road to China, originally limited editions, but this is a promotional release done with Barry's blessing and is the longest release. However, out of the hour on the album, only around half is actually Barry's score. Exactly how much music Barry wrote in total, I am not sure, but what is presented here is more than enough. This version does have the virtue of disctinctly superior sound to the other releases, as well as having the score cues all together in sequence. The source cues are fine enough and thoughtfully left until the end since they would have spoiled the flow of Barry's score quite badly had they been mixed in. I suspect that Barry fans will enjoy this effort which offers few real surprises, but makes for a change from his cerebral efforts of late. Any of the currently available releases are more expensive than regular priced albums, but this version (from Supercollector) is perhaps the best value version currently available. Anyone with a more passing interest in Barry's work will probably be happy with other, easier to find and cheaper albums.

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