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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Movie | Release date: 07/06/2010 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Sorcerer's Apprentice3:14
2.Story of the Prime Merlinian4:02
3.Note Chase0:38
4.Dave Revives Balthazar2:41
6.The Urn1:39
7.The Grimhold1:39
8.Morgana Fight2:59
9.The Ring1:43
10.Walk in the Rain0:42
11.Merlin Circle2:01
12.Dave Has Doubts0:53
13.Becky and Dave on Rooftop1:23
14.Car Chase3:53
15.Seeing Veronica0:55
16.Story of Veronica1:43
17.Horvath Made Off With the Grimhold1:12
18.Kiss from Becky0:33
19.Bull Fight2:10
20.Balthazar Saves Veronica1:12
21.Sorcerer's Apprentice Suite2:28
22.Fantasia Original Demo4:21
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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - 06/10 - Review of Jason FLZ, submitted at
For some reason unknown to most people, Disney had the bright idea of making a Sorceror's Apprentice. While I have never seen the film (tons of negative reviews and Nicholas Cage's wig made sure of that) I have heard that it has as little in common with the Fantasia short as possible. As it seems, Disney decided to roll out Trevor Rabin (who seems to have done quite a few of Disney's live action projects) to compose the score for the film.

For those wondering whether or not the famous theme from Sorceror's Apprentice is used in the score needn't worry. While not a large part of the album, the theme does get used to good effect. As for the rest of the score, anybody up for some Zimmer knockoff? Honestly, the score for The Sorceror's Apprentice really does push the boundaries for how much one composer can copy off of Hans Zimmer. The action pieces feature either relentless guitar mashing or electronic beats. Rabin does, however, manage to create a fine line with some of his more orchestral music which still sounds like Armageddon. It really is a shame, since the highlights of the score lie mostly whenever the Sorceror's pprentice theme is used.

Is The Sorceror's Apprentice a bad score? Not entirely. The occasional orchestral themes that alternate throughout the score with the action music really do go from Rabin's usually interesting melodies to a cheap Zimmer knockoff. It certainly isn't Rabin's worst, but it is so tiresome that the composer is resorting to a style of music scoring that hasn't been popular since the end of the 90's nearly a decade later. Hopefully Trevor Rabin might get lucky and pick up a smart project in the future.

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