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Movie | Release date: 06/01/1992 | Film release: 1992 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:59
2."Too Many Secrets"6:17
3.The Sneakers Theme3:34
4.Cosmo... Old Friend7:09
5.The Hand-Off3:07
6.Planning the Sneak3:22
7.Playtronics Break-In10:39
8.The Escape/Whistler's Rescue3:24
10."...And the Blind Shall See"4:29
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Sneakers - 08/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
This makes an interesting mix of music as Horner deftly combines some of the spooky choral effects from Apollo 13, some different, very Elfman-esque female choral parts with jazz and a dash of Cocoon thrown in for good measure. It starts with a lilting melody played on woodwind, supported by strings and the Elfman-style female chorus in the background. It sets the tone of the music very well indeed in making it very mysterious. The theme is played on saxophone and brings the jazz elements to the score. The Sneakers Theme is a more upbeat theme, but retains the style of the main title. Cosmo....Old Friend uses the very beautiful female choral effect that he retained for use in Apollo 13. I think that it worked better in the latter to be honest as the mood in this incarnation is changed by the introduction of the saxophone and so it doesn't retain it's overall spookiness. Horner's low rumbling piano is very much in evidence throughout the score and makes a loud splash at the beginning of The Hand-Off after which it grumbles around providing some great suspense music. Playtronics Break-In is in a similar vein although is a bit more urgent. The Escape and Whistler's Rescue recall Cocoon to some extent in their use of racing strings allbeit with a slight hint of suspense blended in as well as the odd burst of the sax-led theme. The final cue reprise all the major themes to form a nice ending suite. This is a very introspective work which Horner fans will probably like as it is slightly off the beaten track compared to some of his other things, It's not totally original, but certainly has some great moments of invention and mixes different styles very cleverly and combines styles that certainly aren't obvious.
Sneakers - 06/10 - Review of Andreas Lindahl, submitted at
James Horner's score for Sneakers is a very good action/suspense score. It's just too bad it's not so unique. Anymore, I should probably add, since it was back in 1992, when it was released.

Sneakers sounds like a mix of several other Horner scores. The action tracks, for instance, sound almost exactly like the action tracks in Apollo 13 (or vice versa, as Sneakers was composed three years before Apollo 13), i.e. Horner's trademark rumbling and chrashing piano (it would be interesting to see Horner create that sound with his piano) as well as snare drums and that ticking sound made by wooden sticks, and there's a certain motif Horner also used in Searching for Bobby Fischer. Horner also makes use of his "crying" violins, something he would later use in Casper and Titanic. But Sneakers also has its more unique, or original moments, like for instance in the "Main Title" track where a choir is used in a very attractive way.

The main theme, or the Sneakers theme as it is referred to on the album, is a very catchy, jazzy piece of music. This theme is primarily performed by Branford Marsalis on the saxophone, making it even more jazzy.
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