A Haunted House 2

Varèse Sarabande (030206726992)
Movie | Release date: 04/15/2014 | Film release: 2014 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Bedeviled BatchJessie Voccia 
2.Amped To 12Shinobi Ninja 
3.Concern…Sean Harris & Saint Maurice 
4.80 BitchesDula & Khalifa (feat. Khat) 
5.Turn It UpChris Classic (feat. Venom) 
6.Wanna FlyTyler Thomas 
7.Backstage PassSean Harris & Saint Maurice 
9.To The WorldMazen 
10.Rock StarSoundwell (feat. Dula and Markie Jay) 
11.Chuck NorrisThe Upperclass Men 
12.Frightful FinaleJessie Voccia 
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A Haunted House 2 - 10/10 - Review of Lamarque Hannah, submitted at
It was inevitable. After the slew of found footage horror films, of exorcisms and demons, the film industry has again started to see the funny side of scary. And again. 2013’s A Haunted House is back with a vengeance, and no scary film or horror trope is safe. A Haunted House 2 rejoins Malcolm Wayans in the aftermath of his brush with evil. Having moved on and moved in with his new girlfriend and her child, everything seems to be going well. Soon, however, things start going awry and Malcolm is once again plagued by increasingly bizarre paranormal happenings.

Edging away from traditional horror film fare, the soundtrack largely spotlights individual artists. Flipping the horror genre on its side, music supervisor Claudia Moross champions new hip hop artists from across America. These tracks work well within the horror-comedy context, highlighting the ridiculousness of the film’s scarier moments by bringing a counterpoint to the images.

Jessie Voccia returns the film to somewhat more familiar waters, contributing a number of original orchestral cues. The track “The Bedeviled Batch” is grounded initially in horror score tropes, eerily building towards an inevitable climax. Not quite musically whole, the piece instead is structured around visual cues from the film, darting between sinister electronic drones and calamitous pizzicato strings. While it serves its purpose, it lacks continuity and as a result is largely forgettable on the album.

“Frightful Finale” fares a little better, opening with the same low and almost imperceptible electronic sound. Unlike “The Bedeviled Batch,” this track is structured with a drum beat that expands until it envelops the whole piece. The rhythmic elements here are the best part; rather than lurching the track between sudden highs and very low lows, the beat maintains a quiet pace, creating something much more effective and memorable.

Balancing the orchestral pieces with hip-hop numbers, the soundtrack is not exactly coherent, but serves its purpose. Jumping from horror to comedy and containing elements of both genres in the musical structure, Voccia’s pieces support the cinematic intent of A Haunted House 2, while perhaps even sending a chill or two down your spine here and there.
A Haunted House 2 soundtrack features a unique mix of hip hop and rock songs, including the stand out party rap end title track 'Amped to 12' by Shinobi Ninja, written specifically for the film.

Also included on the soundtrack are original songs by Sean Harris & Saint Maurice (“Concern” and “Backstage Pass”), Dula & Khalifa feat. Khat (“80 Bitches”), Mazen (“To The World”), and Soundwell feat. Dula and Markie Jay (“Rock Star”), along with two original score cues by composer Jessie Voccia, plus four fresh songs from Tyler Thomas (“Wanna Fly”), G4SHI (“Laughing”), The Upperclass Men (“Chuck Norris”) and Venom feat. Chris Classic (“Turn It Up”).

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