The Elder Scrolls

Game soundtrack | Release date: 04/02/2014 | Format: Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.For Blood, for Glory, for HonorJeremy Soule4:59
2.Moons of Evening StarBrad Derrick5:32
3.The Three Banners: FanfareBrad Derrick1:39
4.Omens in the CloudsBrad Derrick5:18
5.Echoes of AldmerisBrad Derrick0:55
6.Weapons DrawnBrad Derrick1:47
7.Yearning for MoonshadowBrad Derrick6:17
8.Lowering the Banners (Sundown)Brad Derrick1:15
9.Dawn Gleams on CyrodiilBrad Derrick5:21
10.Rubble and SmokeBrad Derrick0:55
11.Comrades in ArmsBrad Derrick1:21
12.Y'ffre in Every LeafBrad Derrick5:33
13.North from RiftenBrad Derrick1:28
14.Moth, Butterfly, and TorchbugBrad Derrick5:42
15.Elegy for the RemansBrad Derrick1:27
16.Oath of MalacathBrad Derrick1:54
17.Whispers of the AncestorsBrad Derrick5:05
18.Vestige of HopeBrad Derrick1:29
19.Sands of the Alik'rBrad Derrick5:26
20.Winged TwilightBrad Derrick1:10
21.Imperial LegionBrad Derrick1:29
22.Auridon SunriseBrad Derrick5:54
23.They Did Not Die in VainBrad Derrick1:26
24.GreenheartBrad Derrick5:01
25.Tamriel BeleaguredBrad Derrick1:39
26.To Dance with DaedraBrad Derrick1:40
27.The Towers Cast Long ShadowsBrad Derrick5:53
28.Horizons of CyrodiilBrad Derrick1:14
29.The Legacy of LorkhanBrad Derrick5:19
30.Arkay WatchesBrad Derrick1:24
31.Courage of Ordinary MortalsBrad Derrick1:18
32.The Heart of NirnRik Schaffer6:17
33.Soaring on Eagle's WingsBrad Derrick1:30
34.Stendarr's MercyBrad Derrick5:20
35.Order of the Ancestor MothBrad Derrick1:05
36.Onslaught at the GatesBrad Derrick2:04
37.Alas, the Dragon Shall BreakBrad Derrick6:15
38.The Keep Has FallenBrad Derrick1:40
39.Bruma Against the JerallsBrad Derrick5:46
40.We Honor the SlainBrad Derrick1:02
41.Ruins of the AyleidsBrad Derrick1:16
42.Anequina BeckonsBrad Derrick6:09
43.Northpoint NocturneRik Schaffer5:27
44.Memories of Yokuda LostBrad Derrick5:38
45.Peril Upon the SandsBrad Derrick1:08
46.Tides of the Abecean SeaBrad Derrick5:38
47.Beauty of DawnMalukah3:31
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