The Silver Chalice

Movie | Release date: 02/19/2014 | Film release: 1954 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title (The Cup)3:37
2.The New Father2:42
3.Little Helena / Brother Linus6:23
4.Basil the Slave3:18
6.Simon the Magician5:20
7.The Caravan / Deborra / Joseph / The Secret Meeting / The Sacred Cup / The Golden Bathtub / Simon the Savior / Basil at Work16:47
8.Helena in Jerusalem0:52
9.Simon's Miracle / The Unbeliever / The Red Scarf3:50
10.The Chase / Deborra Is Hurt / Rooftop Fight4:05
11.Basil Loves Helena4:42
12.Deborra's Disappointment3:39
13.Sicarii Search3:28
14.New Beginning4:09
15.Fight for the Cup3:56
16.Court Decision / The Cup Is Safe and Basil Is Sailing6:05
17.Deborra's Lament1:51
18.Fanfare for Nero's Walk to the Table / Ballet2:01
19.Table Music / Ballet0:56
20.Dinner Music3:06
21.Helena at the Inn1:22
22.Kester Is Back / Walk!3:41
23.Simon the Magician2:03
24.The Flying Suit0:38
25.Early Christian Hymn1:49
26.Basil's Conversion1:44
27.Fanfare for Simon / Caesar's Arrival at Tower1:06
28.The Tower3:34
29.Helena's Exit2:09
30.Finale / End Cast3:17
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