Space: 1999 Year 2

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 10/05/2009 | Film release: 1975 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Theme0:49
2.Strange Light3:00
3.Rendezvous In Space5:53
4.Escape From Psychon (Act 2, 3 & 4)9:14
5.We're All Aliens1:57
6.A Swarm of Space Bees2:32
7.The First Capsule3:06
8.The Exiles Emerge (Act 2 & 3)4:40
9.Return To Golos7:24
10.Make Me A Pretty Nose1:10
11.Garden of Vega2:37
12.The Strongest Passion (Act 2 & 3)2:35
14.Alpha Ahoy!1:54
15.The Emporium4:13
16.The Abduction of Maya (Act 2, 3 & 4)4:02
17.Sore Loser1:51
18.Light Years Away (Prologue & Act 1)5:28
19.Space Animal On The Loose (Act 2 & 3)4:21
20.Showdown At Copernicus (Act 4 & Epilogue)7:07
21.End Titles0:32
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Stand by for more Gerry Anderson action shortly. The long awaited Space: 1999 Year 2 is set for launch on October 26th. The seventh release in our series in conjuction with Fanderson brings Derek Wadsworth’s jazzy synth themes to CD and will be a pure delight for the many fans of the series. The booklet includes notes from Derek who sadly died last year after a long career as a composer, session musician and ace trombonist.

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