L' Infermiera di Notte / La Liceale Seduce I Professori

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Movie | Release date: 07/22/2013 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.1- Titoli)1:55
2.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.2)1:29
3.Gloria Around The Clock (Film Version)2:13
4.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.3)1:58
5.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.4)1:37
6.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.5)2:01
7.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.6)2:47
8.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.7)1:48
9.La Musica E' (Single Version Side A)3:21
10.Gloria Around The Clock (Single Version Side B)3:30
11.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.8)4:58
12.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.9)1:59
13.L'infermiera Di Notte (Seq.10)1:33
14.La Musica E' (Alt.Take)3:24
15.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.1 - Titoli)1:57
16.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.2)0:33
17.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.3)3:58
18.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.4)1:18
19.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.5)1:01
20.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.6)1:29
21.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.7)1:07
22.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.8)2:26
23.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.9)1:18
24.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.10)1:55
25.La Liceale Seduce I Professori (Seq.11 - Finale)1:57
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L'infermiera di notte (1979)

La liceale seduce i professori (1979)
Digitmovies, in collaboration with the Sugar Group, is pleased to publish the OST in full stereo by Gianni Ferrio on CD for the first time ever, taken from the movie: “The night nurse” and “How to seduce your teacher”. “The night nurse” was directed in 1979 by Mariano Laurenti and starred Gloria Guida, Leo Colonna, Alvaro Vitali, Lino Banfi, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Lucio Montanaro, Mario Carotenuto, Paola Senatore. Dentist Pischella (Banfi) hires a buxom nurse (Guida) to watch over his elderly uncle (Carotenuto), dying and billionaire, waiting to snap up the inheritance. In the meantime, he tries to win the favours of the girl, but he is not the only one: his son, the practice cleaner and his uncle, who will prove to be nothing more than a thief, are very interested in the provocative curves of the lady in the white coat. “How to seduce your teacher” was directed in 1979 by Mariano Laurenti and starred Gloria Guida, Lino Banfi, Ninetto Davoli, Fabrizio Moroni, Alvaro Vitali, Carletto Sposito, Dario Silvagni, Donatella Damiani. The charming Angela (Guide) has no desire to study and only enrolled in high school because the school principal is his uncle. The family relationship is not enough to soften the teachers so she implements the technique of seduction with the strict history teacher. It works so well that Angela is pregnant at the final exams. Gianni Ferrio wrote two nice comments on these films that are part of the erotic comedy genre that was ever so popular in the seventies and early eighties. For this CD, that lasts 54:34, we used the stereo master tapes that allowed us to include every note recorded at the time. From the movie “The night nurse” C.A.M. issued a 45 rpm single (AMP 219) with the tracks “La musica è” sung by Gloria Guida and “Gloria around the clock” (we have also discovered the alternative versions of these songs) while from “How to seduce your teacher” perhaps a single had been arranged, which was to be included in a song interpreted by Miss Guida and probably got deleted, but this song, which you hear in the film, cannot be found on the original master. The author alternates between sparkling dance music with delicate love themes and funny motifs that keep the listener pleasantly entertained for nearly an hour in the company of Gianni Ferrio and his music …dreaming of Gloria.

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