100 Greatest TV Themes Vol. 3

Silva Screen Records (0738572142322)
TV Series/TV film | Release date: 06/04/2013 | Format: Download, CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Agatha Christie's PoirotLondon Music Works2:30
2.Allo 'Allo!London Music Works & Evan Jolly1:22
3.Theme / Winner (From 'The Amazing Race')London Music Works1:51
4.The Andy Griffith ShowLondon Music Works & Keith Ferreira0:53
5.Romeo and JulietDance of the Knights (From 'The Apprentice') - The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick3:54
6.Around the World with Willy FogAdam Greenup & London Music Works2:15
7.The A-TeamLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:35
8.BatmanLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:23
9.I'm Always Here (From 'Baywatch')Herbie Russ & London Music Works3:22
10.Soul Limbo (From 'BBC Cricket')London Music Works & Evan Jolly2:34
11.The Chain (From 'BBC Formula 1')London Music Works1:43
12.BBC GrandstandLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:37
13.Yakety Sax (From 'The Benny Hill Show')Phil Knights & London Music Works2:06
14.BergeracLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:04
15.Big Brother UKLondon Music Works0:47
16.Blind DateLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:02
17.BlockbustersLondon Music Works0:41
18.Buffy the Vampire SlayerMichigan Music Works1:04
19.BullseyeLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly0:50
20.The Night Rider (From 'The Cadbury's Milk Tray Adverts')London Music Works & Evan Jolly3:04
21.Cagney & LaceyLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:16
22.Where Everybody Knows Your Name (From 'Cheers')London Music Works & Evan Jolly Mark Stiles3:03
23.CHiPsLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:21
24.Murder Mystery Theme (From 'Colombo')London Music Works & Evan Jolly0:59
25.Coronation StreetLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:24
26.CountdownLondon Music Works0:32
27.Force Field (From 'The Crystal Maze')London Music Works0:57
28.Frolic (From 'Curb Your Enthusiasm')London Music Works & Evan Jolly3:29
29.Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Hitler? (From 'Dad's Army')Keith Ferreira & Evan Jolly1:29
30.Danger MouseLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly Helena Blackman1:06
31.DexterLondon Music Works1:44
32.Doctor WhoLondon Music Works1:04
33.Dogtanian and the Three MuskehoundsTara Clark & London Music Works2:10
34.Downton AbbeyThe City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick4:25
35.EastEndersLondon Music Works3:01
36.The Facts of LifeLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly Jen Sygit0:53
37.The FlintstonesLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:36
38.Friday Night LightsLondon Music Works0:48
39.Game of ThronesLondon Music Works1:43
40.Get SmartLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:59
41.The Good LifeLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly0:35
42.Believe it or Not (From 'The Greatest American Hero')London Music Works & Evan Jolly Anthony Frewen3:19
43.Hancock's Tune (From 'Hancock')London Music Works & Evan Jolly2:39
44.Happy DaysMichigan Music Works1:17
45.Intro / Claire's Theme / Peter's Theme / Mohinder's Theme (From 'Heroes')London Music Works3:10
46.Howards' WayLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:29
47.I Dream of JeannieLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:01
48.Inspector GadgetLondon Music Works1:48
49.Inspector MorseThe City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick3:28
50.The JetsonsLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly3:35
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.John AdamsThe City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick2:44
2.Keeping up AppearancesLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly0:35
3.Yahoos and Triangles (From 'King of the Hill')Michigan Music Works0:32
4.Knight RiderLondon Music Works1:19
5.LewisThe City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick2:43
6.Maybe Tomorrow (From 'The Littlest Hobo')London Music Works & Evan Jolly Keith Ferreira2:40
7.Looney Tunes / Merrie MelodiesLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly0:38
8.The Love BoatLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly Keith Ferreira1:39
9.LovejoyLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly0:58
10.M.A.S.K.Brian Westrin & London Music Works2:59
11.A Beautiful Mine (From 'Mad Men')London Music Works0:40
12.Magnum P.I.London Music Works & Evan Jolly2:33
13.Man In A Suitcase (TFI Friday Theme)London Music Works & Evan Jolly2:15
14.Match of the DayLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly0:41
15.Midsomer MurdersLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:53
16.I Could Be so Good for You (From 'Minder')London Music Works & Evan Jolly Keith Ferreira2:56
17.It's a Jungle Out There / Theme (From 'Monk')London Music Works1:52
18.Ecce Homo Que Est Faba (From 'Mr.Bean')Voxcetera1:54
19.The Muppet Show / Mah Na Mah NaLondon Music Works3:22
20.The Mysterious Cities of GoldBrian Westrin & London Music Works2:02
21.Ncis: Naval Criminal Investigative ServiceLondon Music Works2:16
22.The New AvengersLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:15
23.Adagio from Spartacus (From 'The Onedin Line')The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick1:41
24.Only Fools and HorsesLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly Keith Ferreira2:18
25.Honor (From 'The Pacific')The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick2:59
26.Please Sir!London Music Works & Evan Jolly1:51
27.The ProfessionalsLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly3:01
28.Avenues and Alleyways (From 'The Protectors')London Music Works & Evan Jolly Keith Ferreira3:18
29.The Rockford FilesLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly3:19
30.Sanford and SonLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly3:02
31.Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?London Music Works & Evan Jolly1:56
32.Sex and the CityLondon Music Works0:43
33.Six Feet UnderLondon Music Works2:09
34.Six Million Dollar ManLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:12
35.Pop Looks Bach (From 'Ski Sunday')London Music Works & Evan Jolly2:03
36.The SmurfsLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:02
37.Spider-ManLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:09
38.Where My Heart Will Take Me (From 'Star Trek: Enterprise')The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & James Fitzpatrick3:24
39.Old Ned (From 'Steptoe And Son')London Music Works & Evan Jolly2:25
40.The SweeneyLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly2:45
41.Angela (From 'Taxi')London Music Works & Evan Jolly5:56
42.Thomas the Tank EngineLondon Music Works1:44
43.ThundercatsLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:28
44.Top CatLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly1:38
45.Twin PeaksLondon Music Works4:57
46.Psalm 23 (From 'The Vicar of Dibley')Voxcetera3:28
47.The Walking DeadLondon Music Works0:42
48.Who's the BossLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly Anthony Frewen0:56
49.The WireLondon Music Works1:42
50.Wonder WomanLondon Music Works & Evan Jolly Keith Ferreira1:42
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