Night Train to Lisbon

Movie | Release date: 03/08/2013 | Film release: 2013 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
2.Travel to Lisbon5:39
3.Night Train to Lisbon5:44
6.New Cothes1:04
7.Broken Hands After Mozart Sonata N.12 F-Dur3:25
12.On the Boat0:48
13.Terrible Memoires3:23
18.A Present3:40
22.Love Feelings1:13
24.Estefanias Memories3:16
25.Last Memory0:59
27.Nunca tarde (Trio Fado Song Mix)2:14
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Night Train to Lisbon - 09/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at
NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON is based upon the novel of the same name by Peter Bieri who wrote the book under the alias of Pascal Mercier in 2004. The book became one of the popular novels to be published in Germany and is a now a motion picture starring Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Christopher Lee, Tom Courtney and Lena Olin to name but a handful of its impressive cast list who are all guided by the acclaimed film maker Billie August. The music is by German born composer Annette Focks who has been involved on numerous motion pictures and Television projects. In a profession that is dominated by the male gender Focks has made a name for herself as a composer who consistently produces music of high quality and also has the ability to adapt to any genre. For NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON the composer presents us with a score that is filled to overflowing with emotive and poignant tone poems, heart breaking and alluring themes and when necessary cues that are dissonant and darker in sound and content. |There are also a number of cues that although more ominous sounding still manage to retain some thematic properties, but it is the melodic and wonderful musicality of this work that shines through directly one presss the play button on the Compact disc player, the use of melancholic solo piano and underlying strings that are subdued but delicately effective immediately grabs the listeners attention. The score has accomplished and haunting solo performances on piano, cello, violin and also guitar and trumpet, which appear throughout the work as either solo performances or are combined in various permutations to create some stunning and moving musical moments. Focks also makes effective use of timpani and percussion which when combined with strident sounding strings and edgy brass punctuation is stirring and effectual. The delicate piano performance I would say is the core of the work, the composer creating the focal point of the soundtrack on the instrument and then introducing various other instrumentation along the way that further enhances and adds greater depth and emotional impact to the proceedings. This is a touching and hauntingly attractive soundtrack and if you have not already been introduced to the music of Annette Focks this would be a perfect way to become acquainted with her mesmerising and accomplished style.

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