Teorema - La Stagione dei sensi - Vergogna Schifosi

Fin de Siècle Media (7350020540301)
Movie | Released: 2008 | Film release: 1969 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
3.Fruscio de foglie verdi (cantato)2:25
4.L'ultima corrida2:41
La Stagione Dei Sensi
5.Beat N. 32:48
7.Una Voce Allo Specchio2:59
9.Tell Me Tell Me3:06
10.Sospendi il Tempo2:00
11.Laila Laila3:13
12.Una Voce Allo Specchio1:08
13.Dinamica Per 5+14:56
14.In Tre Quarti2:11
Vergogna Schifosi
15.Matto, Caldo, Soldi, Morto...Girotondo3:25
16.Guardami Negli Occhi2:18
17.Ninna Nanna Per Adulti2:45
18.Una Spiaggia A Mezzogiorno3:40
19.Un Altro Mare6:35
20.Matto, Caldo, Soldi, Morto...Girotondo4:51
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Teorema - La Stagione dei sensi - Vergogna Schifosi - 10/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at
Some classic Morricone material all on one compact disc, and a collectors dream come true. Ok there is nothing here we have not heard before, but I must congratulate Fin de Siecle for their choice of scores to combine on one disc. TEOREMA (1968) opens the proceedings, there are five cues from the score included, the first two being more of the atonal style that Morricone employs at times, the familiar material not emerging till track three with the pop orientated upbeat vocal FRUSCIO DE FOGLIE VERDI performed by Il Cantori Moderni, this is followed by the wonderful L’ULTIMA CORRIDA, where the Maestro combines, choir, with solo trumpet performance and electric guitar all supported by a Hispanic type tempo performed by castanet’s and percussion. This for me is classic Morricone from the 1960,s and the sound that I for one so readily associate with the Maestro when I was discovering his music plus it evokes memories of a mis-spent youth. The same can be said for LA STAGIONE DEI SENSI (1969), this was the first ever non western score I purchase of Morricone,s and I was not disappointed, although I was not to sure at the time of the little over the top vocals by Patrick Samson and his set ! But these certainly grew on me, GLORIA is a real belter, and TELL ME TELL follows hot on its heels. The highlight of LA DUE STAGIONE DEI SENSI has to be the vocal performances of Edda dell Orso, sensual, sexy, and utterly captivating as she always is, but within this score I think she manage to excel herself. The sound of Eddas flawless vocalising backed by Morricone’s haunting melodies is just everything a fan of Italian movie music could ask for. Listen to track 10 SOSPENDI IL TEMPO and be amazed. Then there is the wonderful sitar of Alessandroni, which mesmerises the listener, and that’s not all we still have VERGONA SCHIFOSI (1968) to come, there are five cues from this included, MATTO CALDO SOLDI MARTO. GIROTONDO is the first cue from the score, and it has to be said is a magnificent example of the sound and style of Morricone from the 1960s. Il Cantori Moderni again in attendance and combined with Eddas incredible voice and Morricones emotive strings is a union that has that WOW factor. So a great collection of soundtracks all on one disc, three for the price of one, that cant be bad can it, this is for me one of the best releases thus far this year, as I said nothing new here, but with music such as this I am content to settle for material I have heard before, packaged in the normal fin de siecle fashion with digi pack which includes a handful of stills from the movies and a centrefold painting behind the CD,notes are present but to be honest are rather long and involved. Highly recommended.

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