Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 489 Expanded

Intrada Special Collection 04/02/2024 CD (720258549900)
Movie Film release: 1990

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# Track   Duration
Original Film Score
4.Slaughter Time0:54
8.First Encounter1:22
10.Boone Dead1:11
11.Boone’s Back1:54
12.Down, Down, Down0:44
14.Lori Enters Midian1:16
16.Lori Goes Down1:03
18.Boone Transforms0:57
20.Rachel’s Oratory1:01
22.Decker Has Fun1:29
24.Dance Of The Berserkers1:47
25.Crème Puff Murders1:23
26.Boone Gets A Taste2:46
27.Ohnaka Go Boom!1:19
28.Militia Montage0:46
30.Love Reprise1:04
32.Trouble In Midian1:44
34.Eigerman’s Moment0:47
35.More Mayhem2:00
36.Two Reasons1:22
37.Berserker’s Party2:32
38.Mural Chamber0:36
39.Boone And Decker Duke It Out2:32
40.Baphomet Calls2:02
42.End Credits4:36
# Track   Duration
1990 MCA Soundtrack Album
1.Main Titles2:40
3.Carnival Underground3:23
4.Into Midian2:31
5.Meat For The Beast2:10
6.Resurrection Suite3:37
7.Boone Transforms0:56
8.The Initiation2:50
9.Scalping Time1:54
10.Rachel’s Oratory1:04
11.Party In The Past0:51
12.Poor Babette1:41
14.“Then Don’t Say It”1:28
15.Boone Gets A Taste2:44
16.Breed Love1:02
17.Mayhem In Midian1:43
18.Baphomet’s Chamber2:01
20.2nd Chance1:34
21.End Credits4:33
22.Country Skin4:15
24.Party (Without Choir)0:56
25.Berserker’s Party (Alternate)2:33
26.Country Skin (Medium Version)2:54
27.Home On The Range1:48
28.Country Skin (Fast Version)1:58
29.The Valley2:52
30.Country Skin (Slow Version)4:29
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Clive Barker's Nightbreed

Added on Tuesday, April 02, 2024  

Clive Barker's Nightbreed

Intrada announces an expanded edition of Danny Elfman's 1990 score to Clive Barker's Nightbreed, which provided Elfman with the perfect opportunity to indulge in his first outright, gore-filled horror feature.

Intrada announces an expanded edition of Danny Elfman's 1990 score to Clive Barker's Nightbreed, which provided Elfman with the perfect opportunity to indulge in his first outright, gore-filled horror feature.

As Elfman himself described his experience, 'Nightbreed was great fun, and I loved working with Clive Barker.

But it was a real difficult score, 75 minutes with a lot of different styles, very dense, difficult music that was very challenging. But as always, the harder it is the more I love it.” Not only did Nightbreed mark Elfman’s dive into a nightmarish fever dream, but it also marked his first significant use of world music in a film score.

A South American pan flute, the shimmering beat of a Balinese gamelan and heated drumming all feature in this large orchestral work that is unique, but also clearly classic Danny Elfman.

At the time of the film's release, a generous album was released on MCA Records.

With the generous cooperation of Universal Music Group, Morgan Creek and Danny Elfman's team, Intrada was able to greatly expand the album into a 2-CD set.
The first disc features the complete 75-minute score. The second features the original and carefully curated 46-minute album Elfman assembled back in 1990 as well as a suite of alternates.

The film is based on Clive Barker's novella Caba, in which a graveyard necropolis named Midian provides sanctuary for creatures that have fled to hide from horrific persecution.
Their shattered god, Baphomet the Baptizer, calls out to an unlikely savior named Boone (Craig Sheffer), a young man who thinks his visions of beckoning nightbreed are proof of his insanity.
Further convinced that he’s a murderer by his psychiatrist, Decker (David Cronenberg), Boone is betrayed and shot down by the police.
But death is only the beginning of Boone’s journey as he’s resurrected as the ravenous “Cabal.” Now he must accept his Moses-like destiny to protect his newfound people and lead them from the destruction of Midian at the hands of a bloodthirsty human militia.


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