Dicks: The Musical

A24 Music 10/06/2023 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Overture (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)2:07
2.I'll Always Be On Top (Josh Sharp & Aaron Jackson)4:02
3.No One Understands (Josh Sharp & Aaron Jackson)4:49
4.Tea With Mommy (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)3:15
5.Evelyn Song (Megan Mullally)2:38
6.Mimosas With Daddy (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)1:30
7.Gay Old Life (feat. Megan Mullaly) (Nathan Lane)3:52
8.You Can't Give Up (Josh Sharp & Aaron Jackson)3:02
9.An Invitation (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)2:36
10.Lonely (Megan Mullally & Nathan Lane)4:39
11.Vroomba! (Karl Saint Lucy & Marius de Vries)0:10
12.Out Alpha the Alpha (Megan Thee Stallion)3:55
13.La Chateau (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)4:20
14.Desperate For Your Love (Megan Mullally & Nathan Lane)2:26
15.This Is Stupid (Suite) (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)4:12
16.No One Understands (Reprise) (Josh Sharp & Aaron Jackson)0:53
17.Why Won't You Work? (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)0:53
18.Kidnap! (Suite) (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)2:14
19.Evelyn Song (Reprise) (Megan Mullally)0:51
20.The Sewer Song (Nathan Lane, Josh Sharp, Aaron Jackson & Megan Mullaly)1:59
21.Animal Control (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)3:06
22.Nessuno Mi Ha Capita (Ashley Faatoalia & Abdiel Gonzalez)2:06
23.Love in All Its Forms (feat. Bowen Yang) (Marius de Vries)1:54
24.All Love Is Love (feat. Lauren Evans (Megan Mullally, Nathan Lane, Josh Sharp, Aaron Jackson & Bowen Yang)3:58
25.Afterturn (Marius de Vries & Karl Saint Lucy)3:01
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