Reborn Rich

DANAL Entertainment 01/12/2023 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.GRAVITYJong Ho3:03
2.MOTHERShin Yong Jae4:49
3.I'm in love youSeoDaHyun (tripleS)3:59
4.Like a StarMOON SUA(Billlie)3:36
5.In The EndKim Woojin4:01
6.THE MIRACLEPaul Kim4:18
7.Love me4Men3:56
8.Black OutJeon Chang Yeop & 안, 수, 완,3:24
9.A Massive PlotJeon Chang Yeop & Jo Nam Wook3:06
10.Last OpportunityJeon Chang Yeop & 조, 병, 현,2:44
11.Reversed LifeJeon Chang Yeop & 황, 중, 원,3:33
12.End GameJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon3:13
13.MemoryJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon3:08
14.Darker ChangeJeon Chang Yeop, KOO JA WAN & Lee Yong Yoon4:44
15.A Lonely TimeJeon Chang Yeop & 안, 수, 완,3:12
16.AloneJeon Chang Yeop & 안, 수, 완,3:53
17.Broken TrustJeon Chang Yeop & 안, 수, 완,3:28
18.Fateful BloodJeon Chang Yeop & Jo Nam Wook3:44
19.ImpossibleJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon2:55
20.Nice PlanJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon3:22
21.Destiny And TearsJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon3:27
22.WaitingJeon Chang Yeop & 조, 병, 현,2:48
23.Nervous DispositionJeon Chang Yeop & 안, 수, 완,3:28
24.Plan For SuccessJeon Chang Yeop & 안수완2:50
25.Wild AttackJeon Chang Yeop & 안수완3:16
26.Who Was KilledJeon Chang Yeop & 조병현3:08
27.SaviorJeon Chang Yeop & 조병현3:28
28.Secret Of MemoryJeon Chang Yeop & Jo Nam Wook2:16
29.Have A DelightJeon Chang Yeop & 마마고릴라2:30
30.In TroubleJeon Chang Yeop & 안수완3:46
31.Overcome The DarkJeon Chang Yeop & 안수완3:29
32.Light In The DarknessJeon Chang Yeop & 안수완3:39
33.Final VictoryJeon Chang Yeop & Jo Nam Wook3:49
34.Savior Of LifeJeon Chang Yeop & 조병현3:19
35.Deep BlueJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon2:34
36.Sad RevengeJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon3:22
37.The RevengeJeon Chang Yeop & 조병현4:09
38.Angry ChairmanJeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon3:00
39.Miracle WavesJeon Chang Yeop, KOO JA WAN & Lee Yong Yoon3:38
40.Lost in MemoriesJeon Chang Yeop & 안수완3:47
41.Despair TensionJeon Chang Yeop, KOO JA WAN & Lee Yong Yoon3:36
42.Who Was Killed Me (Orchestra ver)Jeon Chang Yeop & 조병현4:40
43.Identity (Ending Title)Jeon Chang Yeop & Kim Hyun Joon3:24
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Reborn Rich - 10/10 - Review of Apisak Saelim, submitted at (English)

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