The Fly / Return Of The Fly / Curse of the Fly

Percepto Records (0670917108726)
Movie | Released: 2002 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 3000 copies

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# Track   Duration
The Fly (1958)
1.20th Century Fox Cinemascope Fanfare0:23
2.Main title - Little Jess and Samantha1:21
4.Napaj Ni Edam0:33
5.Happy Couple / Matchbox3:19
6.The Claw1:28
7.The Morning After1:13
8.Fly's Madam2:07
9.Helene's Discovery5:15
10.Strange Story1:04
11.Show He / Help Me1:44
12.End Title1:11
Return of the Fly (1959)
13.Main Title1:14
14.Amen / To the Foundry2:51
15.How It Happened1:41
16.Leave Me Alone1:03
17.The House / Cecile2:10
18.Fly Fright / The Heavy1:56
19.The Experiment1:12
20.Goodnight Phil2:13
21.Gone Detective / The Phone Call2:05
22.Rat Monster / Getting Rid of the car4:29
23.Explain / Fight2:57
24.Disintegrated / Francois Shot1:28
25.The Fly3:21
26.Barthold / The Killing3:15
27.Allen Dies / Righting Matters7:24
28.End Titles0:45
# Track   Duration
Curse of the Fly (1965)
1.20th Century Fox Cinemascope Fanfare0:20
2.Main Title3:33
3.The Pick-Up1:22
4.The Romantic Week2:27
5.Martin Gets Sick2:24
6.Martin and Pat1:31
7.The Teleporter1:00
8.London Lab1:45
9.Delambre Teleported1:22
10.The First Night1:06
11.The Cage / Pat Discovers the Cages2:03
12.Judith Discovered1:29
13.Pat's Nightmare1:04
14.The Preparation1:26
15.The Creature1:19
16.Pat Drugged1:18
17.Creatures Reintegrated1:05
18.In a Drugged Sleep1:23
19.Pat Learns the Truth1:12
20.The Glass Splinter1:21
21.Judith on a Rampage1:46
22.Pat Faints / The Disaster1:41
23.Pat in Trouble2:49
24.End Titles1:21
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