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Thank you for your interest in our advertising services. Advertising on FilmMusicSite ensures you  each visitor is interested in film and film music and therefore it will deliver towards a better conversion.

We currently charge 25 EUR per + 21% tax for 10.000 impressions of a large leaderboard. Compared to Google Ads, this is a lot less for many more impressions to a targeted audience. We track the number of times the banner is requested in total to ensure the minimal impressions are served.

You can choose in what languages you would like to display your campaign and you can choose the intensity. We serve in total 10 languages and deliver in total more than 500K banner views each day.

For campaigns we work with a minimum spend of 300 EUR/USD. The campaign starts  after pre-payment of the campaign. For budgets above this we are open to discuss even more attractive conditions. An official bill will be provided.

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