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The Orville: Season 1
Original Television Soundtrack

La-La Land Records 01/02/2019 CD (0826924149324)

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# Spur   Dauer
1.The Orville Main Title 
2.Shuttle to the Ship 
3.She Requested It / Departing for Landing 
4.Krill Attack / Shuttle Escape 
5.Emergency Docking 
6.Kelly Has a Plan / Asking Kelly to Stay 
7.The Bio-Ship / Exploring the Hull 
8.Exploring the Bio-Ship 
9.Finding Alara / Space Battle 
10.Dorahl / The Roof Opens 
11.Distress Signal Received / Alara Freaks Out / Explosion 
12.Alara Gets the Cold Shoulder / Approaching Calivon 
13.Extermination Process Continues / Bortus Hatches His Egg 
14.Western Simulation 
15.Asteroid Destroyed / Relieved of Duty 
16.Arriving on Moclus 
17.Trip to the Mountains 
18.Tribunal Adjourned / Epilogue 
19.Rescuing Pria 
20.Searching Pria's Room / Dark Matter Storm / Navigating the Storm 
21.Approaching the Coordinates / Isaac Saves the Crew 
22.Pria's Theme 
23.Distress Call 
24.Krill Attack the Orville 
25.Bomb Found 
26.Intruder Alert / Preparing the Weapon 
27.Turning on the Lights / New Enemies 
# Spur   Dauer
1.Lysella Wakes Up / Looks Like Earth / Rescue Mission 
2.John Gets Arrested / Alara Seems Suspicious 
3.Ed Has a Plan 
4.Bringing Lysella Aboard / Casting the Votes / Their World Can Do Better 
5.Sucked In 
6.Claire Breaks Out 
7.The Fight 
8.Claire Returns to the Wreck 
9.The Attack 
10.Claire Thanks Isaac 
11.Archaeologist Arrives / Claire Visits Yaphit / Claire Kisses Yaphit 
12.Fleets Approach / War Before Peace / Cleared for Duty / Darulio Departs 
13.Plasma Storm / It Was Late Evening 
14.Alara Blows off Steam / There Was a Clown 
15.Alara Hallucinates / Deserted Ship 
16.Cannot End Simulation / Back to Normal 
17.Damage Report / What Happened to the Plants? 
18.Krill Ships Approaching 
19.Within the Anomaly / Time to Reflect / Quantum Bubble Is Deteriorating 
20.Engaging Tractor Beam 
21.Mission Complete / Commander Lamarr 
22.Investigating an Anomaly 
23.Emergency Landing 
24.Searching the Planet 
25.Walking Through Town 
26.Spread the Word 
27.Isaac Steps Up / Civilization Restored 
28.The Orville End Titles 
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