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Casanova Soundtrack (Various Artists, Alexandre Desplat) - CD cover
Composer: Various Artists Alexandre Desplat
Released: 2005
Label: Hollywood Records (094635154023)
Type: Movie
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Format: CD, Download
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1. An Untold Story: Assaggio No.1 In G Minor, Johann Helmich Roman (2:32)
2. The Legend Of Casanova: Tambourins I/II From Daro, Jean-Philippe Rameau (2:01)
3. I Yield To Love: Cello Concerto No.3 In D Minor, Leonardo Leo (1:01)
4. Eternal Damnation: Overture From Les Fetes De Polymnie/Overture From Platee/Overture From Zoroastre, Jean-Philippe Rameau (2:20)
5. The Doge's Decree: Concerto In C Major, Antonio Vivaldi (0:44)
6. A Venetian Virgin, Alexandre Desplat (1:35)
7. San Cremori At Dawn: Concerto In C Major For Harpsicord And Strings, Giovanni Paisiello (0:41)
8. A Lover's Duel: Overture From La Madrilena, Vicente Martin Y Soler (1:23)
9. A Terrible Mistake: Concerto A 5, Op.9, No.4, Tomaso Albinoni (1:57)
10. A Secret Lover?: Sinfonia From The Opera Farnace, Antonio Vivaldi (1:54)
11. Marriage Is A Safe Haven: Concerto A 5, Op.9 No.4, Tomaso Albinoni (1:40)
12. Trailing Guardi: Sonata For Violin And Bassocontinuo, Op.5 No.11 In E Minor, Arcangelo Corelli (0:37)
13. The Noble Pig: Concerto Per Quartetto No.8, Francesco Durante (2:18)
14. Paprizzio's Arrival: Concerto A 5, Op.9 No.2 In D Minor, Tomaso Albinoni (2:00)
15. Inquisitor Pucci, Alexandre Desplat (0:47)
16. With My Hopes: Concerto A 5, Op.9 No.4, Tomaso Albinoni (1:12)
17. A Big Idea: Harpsicord Concerto In B Flat Major, Francesco Durante (0:27)
18. A Nom De Plume/Carnivale!: Concerto A 5, Op.9 No.6 In G Major/Bouree From Les Plaisirs Champetres, Tomaso Albinoni (1:26)
19. The Plume's Nom Is Casanova!, Sonny Kompanek (1:34)
20. Dancing At The Doge's Ball: Riguadon From Water Music Suite, No.3 In G Major/Bouree From Music For Royal Fireworks/Loure From Tafelmusik1, George Frideric Handel (2:57)
21. One Step Closer To Heaven: Concerto A 5, Op.9 No.4 In A Major, Tomaso Albinoni (3:05)
22. Casanova's Confession: Sonata Op.5 No.7 In D Minor, Arcangelo Corelli (1:30)
23. The Hanging: Violin Concerto 'Il Cimento Dell'Armonia E Dell'INvenzione' Op.8 No.11 In D Major, Antonio Vivaldi (2:27)
24. A Great Escape: Overture From Zais/Overture From Nais/Overture From Achante Et Cephise Ou La Sympathie, Jean-Philippe Rameau (1:33)
25. My Place Is With Casanova: Overture From Le Temple De La Gloire/Overture From Zais/Sonata For Violin And Bassocontinuo, Op.5 No.7 In D Minor, Arcangelo Corelli (2:37)
26. All's Well...: Concerto A 5, Op.9 No.4 In A Major, Tomaso Albinoni (2:43)

Total duration: 45 minutes
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