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Cat People

Cat People Soundtrack (Giorgio Moroder) - CD cover
Composer: Giorgio Moroder
Released: 1982
Label: MCA Records (076732149829)
Type: Movie
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Format: CD, Download
Reviewers (9.00/10)
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1. Cat People(Putting Out Fire) (6:41)
2. The Autopsy (1:30)
3. Irena's Theme (4:18)
4. Night Rabbit (1:57)
5. Leopard Tree Dream (4:01)
6. Paul's Theme(Jogging Chase) (3:52)
7. The Myth (5:09)
8. To The Bridge (2:49)
9. Transformation Seduction (2:43)
10. Bring The Prod (1:58)

Total duration: 34 minutes
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Review of Robo Disco, submitted at , score: 9/10
A tie with Midight Express for my fave Giorgio soundtrack. Moroder is really kickin' it here, and of course, David Bowie rocks the theme song. None of the instrumental tracks are what I'd call outstanding, but in a way, that's their power. They effortlessly prowl by, matching the movie with steamy sleaze. Great for night driving, and coughing up hairballs.

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