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Rollercoaster Soundtrack  (Lalo Schifrin) - CD cover
Composer: Lalo Schifrin
Released: 1977
Label: MCA Records Japan
MCA Records Germany
MCA Records US (5053199382766)
Type: Movie
Format: Vinyl
Reviewers (6.00/10)
Members(< 5 votes)
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Rollercoaster Soundtrack (Lalo Schifrin) - CD cover Rollercoaster Soundtrack (Lalo Schifrin) - CD cover Rollercoaster Soundtrack (Lalo Schifrin) - CD cover

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1. Prologue, Montage (5:28)
2. Magic Carousel (2:44)
3. Portrait Of Harry (2:36)
4. Movement For String Quartette (Young Man's Theme) (2:33)
5. Penny Arcade (2:25)
6. Cotton Candy (2:34)
7. One Track Mind (2:17)
8. Merry-Go-Round (2:36)
9. Calliope Of Death (2:06)
10. Rollercoaster (4:00)
11. Children's Ride (1:52)
12. Another Side Of Harry (2:25)
13. Apple Turnover (3:53)
14. Magic Carousel - End Title (1:46)

Total duration: 39 minutes
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Review of Robo Disco, submitted at , score: 6/10
The appearance of the band Sparks was the highlight of this film. Hearing them perform 'Big Boy' while a big boy attempts to repair a sabotaged rollercoaster made the movie extra special. Yet Sparks is nowhere to be found on the soundtrack album.

Of course, Lalo makes what does appear on the album quite worthwhile. I mean, really, how can you not love a track called 'Calliope Of Death'??? But, nah, I just can't get over the Sparkslessness.

But there's a solution! Buy this album along with Sparks' 'Big Beat', and you'll have a better ideas of what made Rollercoaster a fun film.

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