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The New Picasso: The Musical Act One

The New Picasso: The Musical Act One Soundtrack (Jonathan David Sloate, Jonathan David Sloate) - CD cover
Composer: Jonathan David Sloate
Lyricist: Jonathan David Sloate
Release date: 03/19/2014
Label: Black Forest Productions
Type: Musical
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Format: CD, Download
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1. Overture (feat. The 59-piece Prague Symphony Orchestra) (6:09)
2. From My Mind's Eye / Summerton's Warm Hooray! (feat. Max Von Essen, Rodney Hicks, John Jeffrey Martin, Steven M. Goldsmith, William Parry, Brooke Sunny Moriber & the New Picasso Company) (4:16)
3. I Believe (feat. Brooke Sunny Moriber) (3:19)
4. From My Mind's Eye (Reprise) (feat. Max Von Essen) (1:39)
5. Wind Up Doll (feat. Ashley Amber) (4:38)
6. Art Gives You Immortality (feat. Robert Cuccioli, Joseph Dellger, Tony Freeman, Ashley Amber & the New Picasso Company) (2:20)
7. Everything You Touch Is Beautiful to Me (feat. Brooke Sunny Moriber) (1:52)
8. Save Tomorrow for Another Day (feat. Rodney Hicks, John Jeffrey Martin, Steven M. Goldsmith, The New Picasso Company & the 59-piece Prague Symphony Orchestra) (3:21)
9. Lost At Sea (feat. Max Von Essen) (1:59)
10. Live Your Dream (feat. Christiane Noll) (4:24)
11. Kingmaker (feat. Robert Cuccioli & Max Von Essen) (2:54)
12. Forever (feat. Max Von Essen & Brooke Sunny Moriber) (2:46)
13. The Tango of Miracles (2:20)
14. Our Boss Is Really Sumthin'! (feat. Ashley Amber & Jerry Gallagher) (2:11)
15. Act One Finale: I'll Hold You / Time Has Come (feat. Brooke Sunny Moriber, Max Von Essen, Rodney Hicks, William Parry, Elizabeth Earley, Joseph Dellger & the New Picasso Company) (7:02)

Total duration: 51 minutes
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