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Victor Young at Paramount

Victor Young at Paramount Soundtrack (Victor Young) - CD cover
Composer: Victor Young
Release date: 04/21/2014
Label: Kritzerland
Type: Movie
Buy: Kritzerland
Format: CD
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1. Prelude
2. Ferrar Enters the Act
3. Tantum Ergo (Traditional)/Organ
4. Soderquist’s Swan Song/Ferrar’s Bad Manners
5. Goddard Plays Guinea Pig
6. Symphony No. 1 (excerpt) (Brahms)
7. Lonely Am I (Lilley)/Slow Bus to Memphis
8. The Ferrar Chase/Bridge to Hotel
9. The Clever Defense/The Boner
10. Regas Follows Nun (Bridge)
11. The Mail Robbery
12. The Short Straw
13. Cops and Robbers
14. Finale and End Cast
15. Prelude
16. Shimmer/Bill’s Guardian
17. The Convalescent
18. The Vacant Chair
19. Cocktail Lounge–Radio Music
20. Cyclothymiac Cutie/Hall of Justice
21. Gypsy Violins
22. Heart to Heart Talk
23. End Title
24. Rome 1948
25. The Naples Tour
26. Pompeii Tour
27. Capri Tour
28. The Letter
29. Avenue of Obscurity
30. The Telegram/The New Love and the Old
31. Maria/Return Home and Finale

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