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The Big Green

The Big Green Soundtrack (Various Artists, Randy Edelman) - CD cover
Composer: Randy Edelman
Artist: Various Artists
Released: 1995 (Film release: 1995)
Label: Walt Disney Records (0050086088874)
Type: Movie
Format: CD
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1. I Believe in You, Niki Haris (5:52)
2. Fadeaway, BoDeans (4:24)
3. Kickin' Balls, Alexi Lalas (3:48)
4. On the Road Again, Willie Nelson (2:32)
5. As Long As We Can Walk, Jeff Paris and The Immigrants (4:49)
6. Sunny Side Up, Bo Bo Yama featuring Michael Sembello (3:48)
7. Ramblin', Richard Mikuls (3:19)
8. Big Green March (2:46)
9. The Will to Win (2:49)
10. Desolation (2:17)
11. Anna's Theme (2:01)
12. Preparing the Field (1:58)
13. Emotions Run High (4:27)
14. Getting Loose (0:45)
15. Finale (Triumph) (6:24)

Total duration: 51 minutes
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