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The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone Soundtrack (Robyn Miller) - CD cover
Composer: Robyn Miller
Release date: 03/17/2014 (Film release: 2013)
Label: Zoo Break Gun Club
Type: Movie
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1. Postmortem (2:28)
2. This Is My Home (1:18)
3. Exposition They Called It (1:00)
4. Augustus Contemplates (1:35)
5. Scattered Memories (0:32)
6. Archive of My Memories (0:55)
7. How I Mentor Tommy (0:52)
8. Close Friends With a Count (2:03)
9. A Day at the Movies (1:02)
10. Well the Building Is Vacant (1:35)
11. Am I a Servant of Satan? (0:53)
12. Obsession (1:30)
13. A Step Backwards (0:55)
14. A Little Nervous (0:57)
15. Electroencephalogram (0:42)
16. Flight to Vegas (2:08)
17. How Dear the Morning Can Be (2:54)
18. This Is How It Ends (4:20)
19. This Feeling in My Head (Cut from Film (1:04)
20. Flight to Vegas (Original Long Version) (2:20)
21. This Is My Home (Original Version) (1:23)
22. This Is How It Doesn't End (Unused Version) (4:04)
23. Ballad to Augustus, by Power Talent! (feat. Alex Miller) (3:03)
24. Blue, by Power Talent! (feat. Alex Miller) (1:32)

Total duration: 41 minutes
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