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Infinity Blade: Vol.2

Infinity Blade: Vol.2 Soundtrack (Josh Aker) - CD cover
Composer: Josh Aker
Release date: 09/17/2013
Label: Chair Entertainment Group
Type: Game soundtrack
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1. Ascending (1:57)
2. Safe Harbor (3:12)
3. You've Been Reborn (1:48)
4. I Remember Everything (6:04)
5. Your Reputation Precedes You (5:57)
6. I Can't Escape My Sins (4:05)
7. The Nest (1:00)
8. Step Lightly (1:07)
9. Duel of the Deathless (2:44)
10. Bring Ruin Upon Them (1:04)
11. Aegis Forms (2:27)
12. Supposed to Stay Hidden (2:04)
13. Monastery (1:33)
14. The Plains of Koroth (2:14)
15. Revenge of the Kings (5:48)
16. You Have to Trust Me (1:48)
17. This World Was Broken (2:26)
18. I Believe in Redemption (6:03)

Total duration: 53 minutes
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