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Film Music Gala
Williams, J. / Barry, J. / Bacharach, B. / Nyman, M. / Lloyd Webber, A. / Armstrong, C. (Film Harmonic) (Royal Philharmonic)

Film Music Gala Soundtrack (Various Artists) - CD cover
Composer: Various Artists
Release date: 07/02/2013
Label: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Type: Movie
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1. Enduring Love: Pastorale and Finale (arr. C. Austin for violin and orchestra) (7:41)
2. Dances with Wolves: The John Dunbar Theme (arr. N. Raine for orchestra) (3:51)
3. Romeo + Juliet (arr. P. Bateman): Romeo and Juliet: The Balcony Scene (arr. P. Bateman for piano and orchestra) (5:49)
4. Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones: Across the Stars (arr. A. Saunders for orchestra) (5:44)
5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Eternal Vow (arr. C. Tin for piano and orchestra) (5:57)
6. The Piano: The Heart Asks Pleasure First (arr. P. Bateman for piano and orchestra) (3:46)
7. The Phantom of the Opera: All I Ask of You (arr. D. Arnold for orchestra) (4:01)
8. Alfie (arr. P. Bateman): Alfie: Alfie (arr. P. Bateman for alto saxophone and orchestra) (2:51)
9. Love Actually: Glasglow Love Theme (arr. C. Armstrong for orchestra) (2:09)
10. Arsene Lupin: Overture (arr. D. Wiseman for orchestra) (5:03)
11. Ladies in Lavender: Ladies in Lavender (arr. N. Hess for violin and orchestra) (3:58)
12. Finding Neverland: Impossible Opening (arr. C. Tin for piano and orchestra) (3:44)
13. Far From Heaven: Suite (arr. Elmer and Emile Bernstein for piano and orchestra) (5:50)
14. Girl with a Pearl Earring: Griet's Theme (arr. A. Desplat for orchestra) (4:10)
15. Hamlet (arr. L. Ashmore): Hamlet: Sweets to the Sweet Farewell (arr. L. Ashmore for orchestra) (5:10)
16. Witness: Building the Barn (arr. M. Jarre for orchestra) (4:00)
1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: End Title Suite (arr. J. Williams for orchestra) (6:48)
2. Midnight Cowboy: Main Theme (arr. N. Raine for harmonica and orchestra) (4:39)
3. Wallace and Gromit: Theme and Chase (arr. N. Raine for orchestra) (3:28)
4. Dead Poets Society: Finale (arr. M. Jarre for recorder and orchestra) (7:23)
5. Stage Beauty: Suite (arr. G. Fenton for orchestra) (4:39)
6. The Truth About Love: Suite (arr. D. Wiseman for orchestra) (6:58)
7. Rocky (arr. P. Moores): Rocky: Gonna Fly Now (arr. P. Moores for orchestra) (3:24)
8. Oliver Twist: Fagin in Prison: End Titles (arr. R. Portman for orchestra) (4:57)
9. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Main Themes (arr. C. Tin for orchestra) (5:51)
10. Romeo and Juliet: Love Theme (arr. M. Townend for orchestra) (3:05)
11. The Stepford Wives: Main Titles (arr. N. Dodd for orchestra) (2:36)
12. Stoned (arr. N. Dodd): Stoned: Out of Control (arr. N. Dodd for orchestra) (3:08)
13. Valiant: Suite (arr. G. Fenton for orchestra) (4:51)
14. Batman Begins: Love Theme (arr. H. Zimmer and A. Saunders for orchestra) (4:31)
15. Ghost (arr. M. Jarre): Ghost: Love Theme (arr. M. Jarre for orchestra) (5:03)
16. War of the Worlds: Suite (arr. C. Tin for orchestra) (7:52)
1. Where Eagles Dare: Main Theme (2:57)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Jack Sparrow (arr. M. Hohensee for cello and orchestra) (6:12)
3. Captain Corelli's Mandolin: Pelagia's Song (3:54)
4. Jaws: Main Theme (arr. N. Ingman for orchestra) (2:31)
5. Jurassic Park Suite (arr. N. Raine for orchestra) (5:34)
6. Pride and Prejudice: Mrs. Darcy (arr. B. Wallfisch for piano and orchestra) (3:56)
7. Chariots of Fire: Main Theme (arr. N. Raine for orchestra) (3:32)
8. 4 Weddings and a Funeral: Love Scene (3:09)
9. The Great Escape: Main Theme (arr. J. Langley for orchestra) (2:46)
10. Somewhere in Time: Main Theme (arr. N. Raine for piano and orchestra) (4:29)
11. Zulu (arr. N. Raine): Zulu: Main Theme (arr. N. Raine for orchestra) (2:25)
12. The Deer Hunter: Cavatina (arr. M. Townend for 2 guitars and orchestra) (3:35)
13. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Harry in Winter (2:57)
14. The Night of the Generals: Genral Tanz: On the Terrace at Versailles (arr. N. Raine for orchestra) (4:00)
15. One Day I'll Fly Away (arr. N. Raine and J. Sample for orchestra) (Moulin Rouge) (3:14)
16. Munich (arr. N. Raine): Munich: A Prayer for Peace (arr. N. Raine for orchestra) (3:31)
17. The Shawshank Redemption: End Titles (4:09)
18. Superman Returns: Suite (arr. D. Intrabartolo for orchestra) (6:31)
Total duration: 222 minutes
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