The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

Película | Fecha de estreno: 08/11/2010 | Estreno de película: 1953 | Medio: CD
Film Score Monthly (0638558029626)
Edición limitada: 3000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
Disc One - Music for the Original Version
1.Main Title (original)1:40
2.Ten Happy Fingers1:04
3.Before Concerto/Theme and Variations4:24
4.After Transition2:24
5.Meeting the Twins/The Uncles’ Skating Waltz4:05
6.Balloon Cue/Finding Mom/Why, Why, Why1:10
7.Many Questions2:32
8.Enter Dr. T./Hypnotic Chant1:19
9.Take an Essay/Terwilliker’s Do Re Mi2:36
10.Search and Chase/Bart Kicks4:04
11.The Dungeon0:26
12.Bart Kicks0:43
13.Dungeon Shlim Shlam5:41
14.Bart Runs/After Shlim1:46
15.Lead to Grindstone/The Grindstone0:49
16.Lead to Involved/I Will Not Get Involved1:08
17.Bart Miffed0:23
18.Pete Rows/Dream Stuff/Dream Stuff Reprise3:07
19.Massage Opera2:56
20.Some Prisoner0:37
21.Love is Grand/You Opened My Eyes3:04
22.Love Song Lead-In/Hypnotic Duel1:53
23.New Lead-In to Get Together Weather/Get Together Weather2:40
24.Go On/Kid’s Song1:55
25.Bart Goes for Money0:21
27.Track Down Dr. T./Dr. T.’s Bedroom5:02
28.The Flower Pot Chase2:08
29.Freckle on a Pygmy2:16
30.Mound Country/Before Ballet1:45
31.Butterfly Ballet3:02
32.Rescuing Mother1:08
33.Mrs. C. Freed/Intro to Twins’ Death2:34
34.Drum Roll/Victory Procession2:36
# Pista   Duración
Disc Two
1.Follow Me/The Whammy/Dungeon Elevator3:04
2.The Cage1:01
3.The Chase1:01
4.Cut to T./Dressing Song2:37
5.It Works/Atomic Success/Presenting Dr. T.2:23
7.Reality/ End Title2:22
Alternate Versions and Additional Material
9.Main Title (new)2:31
10.Search and Chase (alternate sequence)1:16
11.Roller Skating Waltz Insert1:02
12.Many Questions (alternate)2:21
13.Up and Down, Part 1/End of Up1:04
14.I Will Not Get Involved (alternate)1:09
15.Pete Rows (alternate)0:38
16.Bart in Hall0:06
17.Say, Dr. T./Hypnotic Duel1:54
18.Freckle on a Pygmy (alternate)2:16
19.Dungeon Elevator (alternate)2:06
20.Dressing Song (alternate vocal)2:32
21.Reality (revised)0:50
Orchestral Tracks of the Songs
23.The Uncles’ Skating Waltz3:22
24.Many Questions2:18
25.Terwilliker’s Do Re Mi2:07
26.Dream Stuff2:27
27.You Opened My Eyes2:43
28.Get Together Weather2:20
29.Kid’s Song1:43
30.Victory Procession2:33
31.Dungeon Elevator1:45
32.Dressing Song2:32
# Pista   Duración
Disc Three - Composer Sketches
1.Main Title1:49
2.Ten Happy Fingers1:07
3.The Boy’s Theme0:56
4.Childhood Theme2:43
5.Many Questions1:27
6.I Will Not Get Involved0:47
7.One Moment1:48
8.Kid’s Song1:26
9.The Plumber’s Song (Freckle on a Pygmy)3:06
10.Count Me Out0:39
11.Valse Phantastique2:03
Pre-Production Material
12.The Uncles’ Skating Waltz2:09
13.Dream Stuff (first version)0:52
14.Dream Stuff (second version)1:19
15.Massage Opera2:30
16.Get Together Weather1:05
17.Butterfly Ballet2:36
18.Victory Procession2:58
19.Dressing Song2:42
20.Dungeon Shlim Shlam3:03
Soundtrack Cuts
21.Main Title/Butterfly Ballet3:06
22.Ten Happy Fingers1:04
23.Before Concerto/Happy Fingers—Theme and Variations1:08
24.Dream Stuff2:47
25.Hypnotic Duel1:38
26.Get Together Weather2:19
27.Kid’s Song1:54
28.Dungeon Shlim Shlam5:45
29.Twins’ Death1:07
30.Victory Procession2:37
31.Dungeon Elevator1:18
32.Dressing Song2:39
33.End Title0:31
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