The Big Gundown

Movie | Release date: 03/14/2014 | Film release: 1966 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Run, Man, Run: Main Theme2:51
2.After the Verdict1:45
3.The Big Gundown: Square Dance5:10
4.Cucillo Arrives1:49
5.Normoni Choir1:42
6.The Big Gundown (Title-Reprise)2:01
7.First Desert (Jonathan Corbett)1:52
8.The Widow (The Ranch)2:05
9.The Bullfight1:52
10.The Widow1:13
11.First Desert (Corbett Arrives)1:53
12.Run, Man, Run (Italian Version)2:50
13.First Desert2:31
14.Second Desert1:26
15.First Desert 24:26
16.The Big Gundown (Rosita)2:23
17.The Big Gundown (Mariachi)0:43
18.The Big Gundown (The Haunting)2:41
19.The Big Gundown (Second Haunting)2:22
20.First Desert 30:56
21.The Big Gundown1:04
22.The Verdict1:13
23.The Surrender2:50
24.Run, Man, Run: Final Titles2:46
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