The Smurfs 2

Movie | Release date: 07/23/2013 | Film release: 2013 | Format: CD, Download
Colosseum (4005939721121), Varèse Sarabande (0030206721188)

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# Track   Duration
1.Smurfette’s Creation1:23
2.Smurfette Are You OK1:00
3.You Belong To Gargamel0:37
4.Gargamel Suite1:44
5.Azrael’s Trap0:50
6.Code Blue1:25
7.Victor’s Corndogs1:33
8.We Must Review My Plan1:22
9.Adoring Public Desires Me0:40
10.Smurf Portation Crystals2:01
11.Attack On Winslow House1:36
12.Madame Doolittle0:50
13.Paris Opera House0:34
14.Scoping Out The Kitchen1:00
15.Smurfette Escapes0:51
16.Hand Over The Smurfette1:29
17.Portrait Of Perfection1:52
18.Smurfette On The Run0:57
19.Gargamel And Azrael In Carriage1:07
20.Naughties Crash The Cart1:03
21.Naughties Take Flight0:31
22.He’s Not My Father2:04
23.The Napoleon Suite1:15
24.Like Twins0:38
25.Tiny Magical Wand2:08
26.The Flying V0:29
27.Papa To Papa1:49
28.Let’s Get Smurfin1:02
29.They Cannot Live1:14
30.The Formula0:46
31.Naughties Transformation1:11
32.You Sacrificed Everything0:44
33.The Happiest Moment Of My Life0:50
34.Papa And Vanity Find Smurfette0:45
35.Harnessing The Power0:28
36.Life Is The Most Precious1:20
37.I Don’t Think So Gargamel0:32
38.Essence In Paris1:00
39.Is This What Happy Feels Like1:34
40.No Smurf Left Behind1:50
41.Welcome Home Smurfette1:01
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