Sasugano Sarutobi

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 06/23/1999 | Film release: 1982 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Ninja High School Song2:38
2.Love spells Sukitokimekitokisu3:15
3.Tech Computer Romance Wa2:41
4.Love & Heart2:54
5.Pink Speigner4:01
6.Reggae Ninja Pig2:57
7.Action of Love2:53
8.Roses, roses, BARA2:34
10.Ha Cha Cha Media3:12
11.I am Eight Treasures Qi3:50
13.Love Spells Sukitokimekitokisu (TV Version)1:37
14.DE showdown fight3:17
15.Handsome aesthetics3:18
16.Mystery Mood3:35
17.Bridge (Instrumental)2:26
18.Class Action (Instrumental)2:37
19.Sarutobi family events2:32
20.The Drama3:27
21.Euphoric Chan3:11
22.Melancholy romance1:17
23.Mika, Mako & Woman2:34
24.Love Spells Sukitokimekitokisu (Instrumental)3:40
25.Raccoons principal2:11
26.Reggae Ninja Pig (TV Version)1:23
27.Class Action (TV Version)1:21
# Track   Duration
1.Ninja High School Song (Short Version)1:23
2.Tutoring Part 14:03
3.Tutoring Part 24:59
4.Tutoring Part 33:02
5.Tutoring Part 47:44
6.Tutoring Part 57:06
7.Reggae Ninja Pig (TV Version)1:23
8.Telephone Counseling children Part 12:33
9.Telephone Counseling children Part 22:10
10.Telephone Counseling children Part 34:40
11.Telephone Counseling children Part 42:14
12.Telephone Counseling children Part 51:44
13.Telephone Counseling children Part 64:54
14.Telephone Counseling children Part 73:28
15.Telephone Counseling children Part 84:26
16.Telephone Counseling children Part 92:11
17.Eating Song (Mono)2:25
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