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Wish Dragon

Milan Records 11/06/2021 下载




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Endless SkyKenton Chen, Katherine Ho & Weilim Lin2:32
2.Free SmilesTia Ray2:29
4.Li Na Says Goodbye2:30
5.I Gotta Go1:07
6.The Goons1:13
7.All Dressed Up1:58
8.The Tea Is Ready1:44
9.Finders Keepers2:45
10.City Walk2:33
11.Aerial Acrobatics2:02
12.Din and Li Na1:57
13.Long Admits2:24
14.Din and Mom Argue1:02
15.Shanghai Showdown2:57
16.That Same Old Shikumen3:01
17.Certain Expectations4:55
18.The Wish Dragon2:42
19.Teapot Battle5:46
20.True Sacrifice1:47
21.My Last Wish1:45
22.Everything That Matters / The End4:33
23.A Tale As Old As Time (Suite I)5:53
24.A Tale as Old as Time (Suite II)4:10
25.Din’s Piano2:29


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