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The Aviator

Decca Records (0075021035799)
Decca UK (0075021035799)
电影 | 发布: 2004 | 电影发行: 2004 | 格式: CD, 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
2.There is No Great Genius Without Some Form of Madness2:50
4.H-1 Racer Plane3:20
6.Hollywood 19272:59
7.The Mighty Hercules3:32
8.Howard Robard Hughes, Jr.3:57
9.America's Aviation Hero2:05
10.7000 Romaine2:22
11.The Germ Free Zone2:49
12.Screening Room5:27
13.Long Beach Harbour 19473:49
14.The Way of the Future4:01
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Golden Globes: Best Original Score (获奖者)
World Soundtrack Awards: Soundtrack Composer of the Year (提名)
World Soundtrack Awards: Best Original Soundtrack of the Year (提名)

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