Keep On Keepin' On

Varèse Sarabande (0030206731583)
记录 | 发布日期: 24/02/2015 | 电影发行: 2014 | 格式: 光盘




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Dialog by Clark Terry / Letter to Justin #15:11
2.Brotherhood of ManOscar Peterson Trio and Clark Terry3:31
3.CandyClark Terry and the Metropole Orchestra3:46
4.MumblesOscar Peterson Trio and Clark Terry2:02
5.Dialog by Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin1:07
6.Harlem Air ShaftDuke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra3:53
7.Dialog by Justin Kauflin and Clark Terry1:46
8.*Justin LeavingDave Grusin0:56
9.Girl TalkClark Terry with Orchestra Conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer5:06
10.If I Had You (Live)Jazz at the Philharmonic All-Stars featuring Clark Terry2:14
11.*Dreams ChangeJustin Kauflin1:11
12.Jazz ConversationsClark Terry4:26
13.MichelleClark Terry4:34
14.Dialog by Justin Kauflin0:46
15.JimOscar Peterson Trio and Clark Terry3:00
16.Dialog by Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin /1:54
17.*Darkest HourJustin Kauflin1:18
18.Stardust (Live in London)Jazz at the Philharmonic All-Stars featuring The Clark Terry Quintet3:45
19.Blee Blop Blues (aka Normania)The Count Basie Orchestra2:55
20.MistyClark Terry with Orchestra Conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer5:32
21.Dialog: Farewell by Quincy Jones and Clark Terry0:42
22.I Remember CliffordQuincy Jones3:45
23.Dialog by Quincy Jones and Clark Terry / Letter To Justin #21:35
24.*For ClarkJustin Kauflin4:19
Instrumental Digital Bonus
26.Dreams Change1:14
27.Darkest Hour1:19
28.For Clark4:19
29.Clark Met Justin0:58
30.Justin Leaving0:54
31.My Biggest Enemy0:50
32.What The Hell Time Is It1:02


Keep On Keepin' On is the soundtrack to the acclaimed film of the same name from seven time academy award® nominated producer Quincy Jones. The soundtrack is a virtual Best of Clark Terry collection, which features many of his most iconic recordings, including his performances with some of the all-time jazz greats: Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Count Basie, and Quincy Jones. Also features select film dialogue and new compositions from Terry’s protege, Justin Kauflin.

Autographed booklet signed by: Quincy Jones!

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Keep on Keepin' On (2015)

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