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Planet Earth

EMI Records (0094638189121)
电视剧/电视剧 记录 | 发布: 2006 | 电影发行: 2006 | 格式: CD, 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
From Pole to Pole
2.The Journey of the Sun3:27
3.Hunting Dogs3:25
4.Elephants in the Okavango3:06
5.Diving into the Darkness3:00
6.Stalactite Gallery2:26
7.Bat Hunt2:58
8.Discovering Deer Cave3:49
9.Angel Falls2:20
10.River Predation4:09
12.The Snow Geese2:01
13.The Geladas2:38
14.The Snow Leopard3:59
15.The Karakoram1:53
16.The Earth's Highest Challenge5:30
17.Desert Winds/The Locusts4:58
18.Fly Catchers1:42
19.Namibia - The Lions and the Oryx5:10
# 跟踪   持续时间
Great Plains
1.Plains High and Low2:40
2.The Wolf and The Caribou3:46
3.Tibet (Reprise)/Close3:46
Shallow Seas
4.Surfing Dolphins2:40
5.Dangerous Landing3:20
6.Mother and Calf - The Great Journey5:18
7.The Canopy/Flying Lemur2:44
8.Frog Ballet/Jungle Falls2:36
9.The Cordyceps2:54
10.Hunting Chimps4:08
Seasonal Forests
11.The Redwoods4:39
13.Seasonal Change5:40
Ice Worlds
14.Discovering Antarctica2:42
15.The Humpbacks' Bubblenet2:58
16.Everything Leaves but the Emperors2:27
17.The Disappearing Sea Ice3:43
18.Lost in the Storm1:16
Ocean Deep
19.A School of Five Hundred3:38
20.Giant Mantas2:49
21.Life Near the Surface2:05
22.The Choice is Ours3:13
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