Salvatore Sangiovanni访谈

25 分钟, 语言: 英语
录制人 Tim Horemans 上 2023-05-03

American-born composer Susan DiBona and her Italian composing partner Salvatore Sangiovanni have worked on nearly 50 original film and television scores as well as music for commercials, opera, games, top 40 pop music, musical theater, and ballet since creating The Villa Studios Praia a Mare in southern Italy. Susan DiBonais a seasoned film composer and multi-instrumentalist who began studying piano and writing music at the age of seven. Salvatore Sangiovanni, born in Italy, is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso concert and jazz pianist whose composing skills range from classic Italian opera to American big band and beyond. Both composers wrote the music for films such as Une Seule Danse, Bad Habits Die Hard, 4Halloween, Ismene, Recently they wrote the music for the western Bloody Fury which premiered on May 4th 2023.