Daniel Licht访谈

32 分钟, 语言: 英语
录制人 Tim Horemans 上 2009-06-23

Daniel is a graduate of the Hampshire College in Massachusettes, where he studied composition, jazz and World music. After his studies he travelled the World and visited Holland, Germany and Nothern Europe performing and composing music for theatre and dance companies. His studies took him also in an other direction to Indionesia where he studied the music of the gamelan orchestra. Back in the USA he worked with his friend and ex-classmate Christopher Young. That lead to the part where Daniel start working full time on television and films. Daniel wrote music for films such as Hellraiser Bloodline, Stephen Kings Thinner, the hallmark tv film King Solomonís Mines. For television series he wrote music for Jake in Progress, Oliver Been and Dexter.