The Right Stuff: Season 1

WaterTower Music 20/11/2020 Download

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.The Right Stuff3:05
2.Test Pilots2:14
3.Instant Celebrities1:27
4.Behind Schedule1:05
5.Press Tour2:20
6.Glenn Looks for a Solution1:21
7.Star Voyagers2:21
8.Again and Again0:58
9.Mercury Project Capsule1:43
10.The Launch Failed1:05
11.Theme for Judith1:23
12.Gordo Leaves0:50
13.Trudy Invited to be an Astronaut0:49
14.Peer Vote2:36
16.Trouble with the Medical File0:51
17.Start Acting Like It1:31
18.Anxious for the Launch1:32
19.Night Drive to Launch Site1:57
20.Trudy Leaves Gordo3:17
21.Suiting Up3:24
22.Good Day for a Launch4:29
23.Lift Off3:21
24.Space Flight1:40
25.The First American in Space2:49
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