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Music Inspired By The Motion Picture

Dragon's Domain Records 13/02/2020 CD - 500 cópias (712187486873)

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# Rastrear   Duração
2.Look At Me / Breakfast / Agatha in Bed / Car Accident4:48
3.Agatha on Train / Agatha’s Room3:00
4.Pierrot’s Old School Tie / Certainly Not2:45
6.Yes Sir / Date1:17
7.Following Baths2:53
8.Agatha and Wally4:06
9.Wally on the Phone / Appointment Book1:54
10.Agatha Asleep3:29
11.Therapy Room Door2:05
12.The Notebook and Climax5:52
13.They Don’t Believe / Closing6:06
14.Dixieland Stomp0:40
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