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The Addams Family

Lakeshore Records 10/01/2020 CD
Filme Lançamento do filme: 2019

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Welcome To The Addams Family 
2.It’s Creepy, It’s Kooky 
3.Unhappy Darling? 
4.I Now Pronounce You Monsters 
5.Lurch On The Loose 
6.Make Yourself At Home 
7.What A Lovely Morning 
8.Wednesday’s Wish 
9.Let The Games Begin 
10.Uncle Fester Arrives 
11.What Is Beyond The Gate? 
12.Margaux’s Here To Help 
15.Opposite Of Sad 
16.The Addams Visit Eastfield 
17.Wednesday And Parker 
18.An Army Of Freaks 
19.Scented Embalming Fluid 
20.Eastfield Junior High 
21.Margaux Inflames The Townsfolk 
22.Give My Creatures Life! 
23.Gramma Brings Gifts 
24.Wednesday’s Room 
25.Tea And Seance 
26.Pugsley Has Two Left Feet 
27.Wednesday Leaves Home 
28.Mommy’s Crafting Room 
29.A Town Overrun 
30.An Addams Family Reunion 
31.Addams’ Aren’t Wanted Here 
32.The Hour Is Upon Us 
33.Mazurka Fail! 
34.Wednesday Crashes The Party 
35.Margaux Attacks 
36.If They’re Freaks, Then So Are All Of You 
37.My Little Raven 
38.Give Us A Chance To Make It Right 
39.Pugsley Coronation 
40.Get Out! 
41.Addams Family ThemeHeathisHuman 
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