Knight Rider

Varèse Sarabande 12/04/2019 CD - 2000 cópias (030206755688)
TV Series / TV filme Lançamento do filme: 1982

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Main Title1:20
2.Las Vegas Country Rock/Safe/Busted Play2:36
3.Michael Saved/Keep Fighting2:44
4.Not Bad/He Dies3:02
5.Test Drive0:48
6.Automobile Heaven/Piece Of Cake/Dreamin'/Auto Cruise3:09
7.Evil Tanya1:19
8.They're Off0:34
9.A Little Speak0:45
10.KITT To The Rescue2:20
11.Escape From Jail1:05
12.It's Back1:04
13.The Shootout3:16
14.Hi Yo KITT1:21
15.Through A Truck/Airport Chase5:01
16.Tanya Gets Hers/Warm/Knight2:53
17.Act Breaks0:16
18.Only M.K./Love You Too/Car Pick-Up1:32
19.They'll Never Believe/To The Pipes1:25
20.BullMore Bull2:28
21.Fight In The Woods0:59
22.KITT From Outer Space2:16
23.Long Walk2:12
24.Fran Kidnapped/Fran Rescued/Good Guys Win4:02
25.Knocked Out Guard/The Monster1:37
26.Bonnie Snatched3:07
27.Tony's Time2:25
29.KARR Dies2:14
30.Mad Love/Mikki Abducted1:52
31.Mikki's Escape1:40
32.Gun Case/Suitcase/Assassin Flees2:02
33.The Purse1:58
35.KITT Vs. Horse1:31
36.Mission Begins1:04
37.Frantic/KITT's Magic1:21
# Rastrear   Duração
1.Act in/Road to White Rock1:24
2.Like Chicken’s with Scorpions3:30
3.Rope Trick/Thanks a Lot1:17
4.Davey In Trouble/Gang1:42
5.Climb Again0:46
6.Cooking Sherry/Getting Down0:53
7.Fall/The Top0:51
8.Gang Approach0:55
9.Saved?/The Message0:31
10.Enter The Bikers1:16
11.Out/KITT Escapes0:28
13.Davey Caught/Big Choice/Tied Up1:23
14.Shake Up0:54
15.Coke/Hands Up0:39
18.Dizzy Heights/Crate Falls1:21
19.KITT Car1:16
20.Heavy Behind The Wheel0:42
22.Open Door/Exit Garage/Jane Befuddled1:18
23.Brian Chased0:49
24.Brian Chased Continued0:58
25.Small Party/Bad Info/What’s Wrong?1:38
26.Over and Over1:37
27.Holy Toledo!1:39
30.T.A. Along0:22
31.Courthouse/Un-Valet Park0:55
32.Fill’er Up2:06
33.Bread and Water/Interior Jail/Reston Leaves1:09
34.The Place/Prison Silence/Plans1:18
35.Nice Day/Head On1:57
36.Are You Okay?0:45
37.Food Fight/Can’t Out Run ‘Em2:38
38.Help! Fast!1:29
39.Orange Grove Sneak/Incredible/Camper/Knockout4:44
41.Sammy’s Crash/Mike Shows Off2:17
42.Only 55?1:57
43.Slammin’ Sammy/Marie and Lisa1:36
45.Mark Stunts0:38
46.Two Wheel Stunt/Underpaid/Sneaky KITT2:58
47.Mike’s Stunt/Kiss/Waste Him/Show Stopper1:28
48.Laugh/Close The Show/Get Knight/You’re On1:40
49.Ring of Fire Jump0:50
52.Stunt Show Rock1:28
53.Loud and Clear/Oxygen0:26
54.End Title1:17
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