Spider-Man: Homecoming
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Filme Lançamento do filme: 2017

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.1m1 Sony-Columbia Logo0:38
2.1m2-3 The World Is Changing4:26
3.1m4 Marvel-Spiderman Logo0:40
4.1m5 A Stark Reminder1:26
5.1m7v1 Peter’s Crush (Version 1 Alternate)0:20
6.1m7v1 Peter’s Crush (Version 1)0:20
7.1m7v2 Peter’s Crush (Version 2 Alternate)0:20
8.1m7v2 Peter’s Crush (Version 2)0:20
9.1m8-9 Academic Decommitment1:56
10.2m11 Suiting Up1:08
11.2m13 High Tech Heist2:14
12.2m14 Done For The Night1:24
13.2m15 Sworn To Secrecy0:47
14.2m18-20 On A Need To Know Basis1:47
15.2m21 Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave1:24
16.3m24 A Keen Sense Of Flashin0:36
17.3m25 Drag Racing2:39
18.3m28 Pool For The Course0:15
19.3m29-30 An Old Van Rundown1:35
20.3m31 Spidey Goes Back For The Gun1:00
21.3m33 The Vulture Returns To His Nest0:35
22.3m34 Ruling The Roost1:24
23.3m35-36 Trace Hombres3:37
24.3m35s Tuner Or Later0:16
25.3m38 A Capital Time4:03
26.4m40-41 Webbed Surveillance4:41
27.4m42-43 No Vault Of His Own2:56
28.4m44 Academic Proportions3:29
29.4m45 Monumental Meltdown5:26
30.4m45 Monumental Meltown (Insert)0:47
31.5m46a Pride and Tardiness (Part 1)1:20
32.5m47c Pride and Tardiness (Part 3)0:35
33.5m49 The Baby Monitor Protocol1:38
34.5m51 Shaky Shakedown (Alternate)1:20
35.5m51 Shaky Shakedown (Revised)1:51
36.5m51 Shaky Shakedown1:16
37.5m51Rev Shaky Shakedown (Revised 2)1:50
38.5m52a A Boatload Of Trouble (Part 1)3:10
39.5m52b A Boatload Of Trouble (Part 2)2:16
40.5m53 Ferry Dust Up (Insert Alternate End)0:38
41.5m53 Ferry Dust Up (Insert)1:28
42.5m53 Ferry Dust Up2:19
43.6m53 In Or Out0:58
44.6m54a Stark Raving Mad (Part 1)0:53
45.6m54b Stark Raving Mad (Part 2 Mix 2)2:02
46.6m54b Stark Raving Mad (Part 2 Revised)1:55
47.6m55 In Like1:18
48.6m58 Wuhhh0:15
49.6m59-61 Pop Vulture3:40
50.6m63a Bussed A Move (Part 1)0:27
51.7m63b Bussed A Move (Part 2)1:46
52.7m65 Road Spider2:44
53.7m66 Spidey Drops In On The Vulture0:41
54.7m68a Lift Off (Part 1)0:36
55.7m68b Lift Off (Part 2)0:36
56.7m68c Lift Off (Part 3)4:27
57.7m70 Fly By Night Operation2:23
58.8m71 Vulture Clash (Insert)3:24
59.8m71 Vulture Clash4:37
60.8m72-73 Goodbye Girl2:28
61.8m74 A Stark Contrast4:43
62.8m75 No Frills Proto0:37
63.8m77 MOE TAG0:57
64.8m78 Spider Crawl6:39
65.The Homecoming Suite (Bill Ross Mix)8:22
66.The Homecoming Suite (Film Mix)8:22
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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

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